The Chang’an Youth Episode 1 Recap

Although Shen Yiyi was born in a market, she is an excellent cook, and she became friends with her young lady Shen Dieyi when she was young. But Die Yi died of illness, leaving a mystery of her life experience. Shen Yiyi marries Dieyi to Chang’an for the sake of reciprocity, and tries to find out the mystery of Dieyi’s life experience. Yiyi pretends to be a man, and chance to meet Yang Zi’an, who is hidden by the emperor’s life but hides his identity. Two extraordinary teenagers became a happy couple in Chang’an, and a huge conspiracy gradually surfaced.

On the outskirts of Chang’an, Shen Yiyi, who was brutally bullied, was rescued by the passing Miss Qian Dieyi, and since then the two have become good sisters who have nothing to say. It’s a pity that the good times don’t last long, and the butterfly is dying in the flower season. At this time, Dieyi’s father told Yiyi the mystery of Dieyi’s life experience. In return for gratitude, Yiyi replaced Dieyi to marry the Tang Jiuhua family in Chang’an.

In the palace, the emperor summoned Yang Zi’an, ordered his hidden identity to enter the Shangyi Museum, and secretly probed the court for corruption. The team met the bandits on the road, but Yiyi was dressed as an ugly girl but was still intercepted by the bandits. It turned out that this amputation was planned by Yiyi in order to neither involve Shen’s family nor really add to his Tang family. At night, Yiyi took off her red suit and burned paper money to pay tribute to Dieyi.

Learned that the bride he was thinking about was robbed halfway, and Tang Jiuhua hurried to find someone in the woods. Yiyi heard the shouts and quickly extinguished the fire and fled. The Tang family found the wedding dress left behind and hurried up. Unfortunately, Yiyi fell down the hillside, and then escaped the disaster, but Si Nan Yupei, who is related to Die Yi’s life, was suddenly disappeared. Yiyi hurriedly returned to search, and finally searched around, but was also found by Tang Jiuan.

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The team continued to hurry, Tang Jiuan worried about the lady, and took Yiyi on the road. Yiyi did not want to join the Tang family, pretending to be crazy and selling silly in front of Tang Jiuan. But Tang Jiu’an did not disappoint, and promised to save Yiyi as much as possible. Tang Jiu’an escorted the team to return to Chang’an.

Seeing the prosperous Changan City, Yiyi opened the curtain with pleasure. Tang Jiuan looked at Yiyi, who was smiling, and suddenly fell in love. Seeing that he was about to enter the Tang family, by that time, Yiyi would be more difficult to escape. Yiyi took advantage of her hunger, designed to escape. Tang Jiuhua felt distressed and took Yiyi to the restaurant regardless of Liangchenji.

Restaurant Xiaoer claimed to be his own chef but was born as a master chef, but Yiyi showed no mercy about the lack of dishes. According to Yiyi, Tang Jiuhua’s eyes were full of appreciation. Yiyi took advantage of the convenience to sneak away, causing Tang Jiuhua to be anxious. At this time, Yiyi pretended to be a handsome son and enjoyed the prosperity of Chang’an Market. Suddenly, several merchants bumped into each other, and the market suddenly jumped. Yiyi was knocked almost to the end, but fortunately Yang Zian appeared to save Yiyi in time. The two quarreled without saying a few words, and Yiyi happened to pick up Yang Zi’an’s purse.

Tang Jiuhua looked anxiously, and Yiyi anxiously broke into a sedan chair. Sitting in the sedan chair was a teenager in white. Although the teenager was not familiar with it, he also tried to drive her away, which allowed Yiyi to get away. Later, Yiyi came to the poor village, and it happened that Yang Zi’an was also there. Yang Zian wanted to teach people to fish rather than fish, but everyone didn’t seem to appreciate it. Yiyi felt that the children were pitiful, so she took out a money bag and distributed both of them to the children. Yang Zi’an took a look and found that Yiyi had the money bag in her hand, misunderstanding Yiyi as a thief. Yiyi quickly returned the money bag to the other party and said that she would compensate. The two quarreled and finally broke up.

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Changan City of Noda University, how to settle down according to Yiyi. When she was distressed by this, Tang Jiuhua suddenly appeared. Seeing Yiyi dressed up like this, Tang Jiuhua was puzzled, and Yiyi pretended to have a headache without explanation. Tang Jiuhua brought Yiyi back to the Tang family, and after grooming, Tang Jiuhua gave Yiyi many treasures. So far, Yiyi had to test her “husband” and said what would happen if he was not Shen Dieyi. Tang Jiuhua thought it was Yiyi’s joke, but didn’t care. Yiyi blurted out that Dieyi was dead, but Tang Jiuhua didn’t believe it, and Yiyi had no choice but to give up.

Tang Jiu’an told Yiyi that he had found Si Nan Yupei a little bit. This kind of jade was once popular in Chang’an, and the nobles had almost one man. The number is huge, and after many years, it is not easy to find the owner of Si Nan Yupei. The Shangyi Museum has not only famous names, but also sons of wealthy businessmen, as well as well-informed people from the rivers and lakes. If you investigate from them, it may be easier.

Tang Jiu’an has helped Yiyi sign up for Shangyi Museum, but Shangyi Museum only recruits men. He changed Yiyi’s household registration into a man. Then Yiyi only needs to dress up as a man to enter Shangyi Museum. But if found, it was the crime of deceiving the king, Yiyi panicked suddenly. Tang Jiuhua told Yiyi that if she did not go, the two would be ready to be married. Yiyi Ke didn’t want to marry someone she didn’t like, so she agreed to enter Shangyi Museum.

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