The Chang’an Youth Episode 10 Recap

Outside the bathing room, Tang Jiuhua deliberately released the wind. He was going to buy an 8-9 year old girl who would be a bookboy for his children. Many people shook their heads and walked away. Li Mi provided him with a reliable clue that he could find one for Tang Jiuhua. Little girl.

Yang Zi’an recently investigated that the people in the town have been vigilant, and the children have lost too little. Now they have to take the initiative to attack. Tang Jiuhua said that he has released the wind and soon someone will come to hook.

The five sons of Shangyi Museum began to follow Li Mi secretly. Li Mi apparently got in touch with the line, leaving Tang Jiuhua to persuade his father to send troops to kill all the participants. Tang Jiuhua’s father is still hesitating. This is not the case. Once the offense is offended, the forces behind it may not be able to clean up. Li Xinyuan told Tang Jiuhua’s father his true identity and asked him to immediately send out soldiers to arrest the gangsters.

Yang Zian took a man to wait to save the child first. Shen Yiyi put on a woman’s dress and said that her kitten was lost and wanted to go in. At this time, Du Gu Muxue and Yang Zian kicked the door open. Finally arrested the snake head. Shen Yiyi felt that Yang Zi’an already knew that she was a daughter, so she quietly asked Tang Jiuhua what to do next. Tang Jiuhua told her not to mess up, and she must be calm in front of everyone.

Ning Xiang told Master Han that their hiding place had been found by Yang Zi’an and others. Master Han was very angry. He blamed Ning Xiang and then walked away.

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When Tang Jiuhua comforted Shen Yiyi to find Yang Zi’an for a while, he said he came here to escape marriage. Shen Yiyi could n’t help but guess whether Yang Zi’an said it was true or false. She went to Yang Zi’an ’s room according to Tang Jiuhua ’s instructions. Yang Zian reminded Shen Yiyi that he had committed a serious crime of beheading. He could keep this secret. But let Shen Yiyi pay attention to avoiding suspicions in the future, Shen Yiyi felt that they were not afraid of nothing, she accidentally mentioned that she once had a marriage contract with Tang Jiuhua. Yang Zi’an was discouraged by this and immediately issued a eviction order, saying that since she had a marriage contract, she should not be with him in private.

Within a few days, Shen Yiyi and her classmates openly discussed the topic of “too shameless to let her eyebrows”. She wanted to see that everyone could accept reading with a woman. Yang Zian said that in ancient times, Mulan had joined the army for his father, so men and women Equality is an indisputable fact. Shen Yiyi was very happy to hear Yang Zi’an’s answer.

One day, Yang Zian quietly sent Shen Yiyi pastry when she went out, and Shen Yiyi just caught him. Shen Yiyi asked him whether he sent it to Li Xinyuan or her, did she know that she was a woman who specifically apologized? . When Yang Zian heard her telling the secret, she quickly covered Shen Yiyi’s mouth. Shen Yiyi felt that the man and the woman were unacceptable, and quickly bit his hand to let him release it.

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Recently, Shen Yiyi always felt that Yang Zi’an had been hiding from her and finally found a chance. She asked Yang Zi’an why Yang Zi’an felt that since Shen Yiyi was Tang Jiuhua ’s fiancee, they naturally wanted to avoid suspicion. Shen Yiyi finally knew the reason and told him At first, she came here just to escape marriage. Besides, she doesn’t like Tang Jiuhua at all, and she will definitely look back when meeting someone she likes in the future. Hearing Shen Yiyi’s explanation, Yang Zi’an was happy again.

The capital was always troubled by thieves. The emperor was very angry and ordered to remove the traitors at all costs. Shen Yiyi suddenly made a mechanical fan, and it was very cool to shake. Tang Jiuhua and Li Xinyuan were very happy. Shen Yiyi decided that they would complete the training in the future. Whoever did not do well would punish him for shaking the mechanical fan. Tang Jiuhua strongly agreed.

Ningxiang went to Master Han to get her life back. Master Han said that kidnapping and murder and theft were nothing more than trying to divert the attention of a single person. Unexpectedly, he was soon seen through. He asked Ningxiang if he had done something in the middle. Ningxiang quickly called herself a five-pointed kite, and the thread was clutched in the hands of an adult, and she could not fly at all.

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