The Chang’an Youth Episode 2 Recap

Outside Suzaku’s door, several ministers discussed the ascension. Everyone is puzzled about the opening of Shangyi Museum. Guozijian already exists, and there are many academies around the world. Everyone decided that the opening of Shangyi Museum was superfluous. The Guozijian is too orthodox. If you want to innovate, opening the Shangyi Museum is a good way to recruit talents.

In Tang Dynasty, Tang Jiuhua studied hard, wanted to be admitted to Shangyi Museum, and wanted to study with Yiyi. But Yiyi only thought that if she fell on the list, she might be able to get rid of Tang Jiuhua, so she was thinking about things other than studying and reading every day. Tang Jiuhua was not upset, and joined Yiyi’s discussion.

In the tavern, two men discuss the Shangyi Museum. Wu Gongzi mentioned that he could find an alternative exam as he did in previous years, and he rewarded him with all his rewards. The nearby warrior heard this, and repeatedly said that the other party did not know how shameful. The two finally couldn’t stand it. They got up and wanted to teach the warrior, but they were surrendered by the warrior before he even thought.

The great prince, that is, His Royal Highness, is petting and arrogant, and everyone below is trying to please. The second prince was the young boy in white that Yiyi met that day. His mother-in-law was a former princess. Now her identity is embarrassing, and she has been suppressed and targeted by the prince. Yang Zi’an’s brother is the assistant teacher of Shangyi Museum. His father told him to enter Shangyi Museum and he should take care of each other. But my elder brother was involved in a smooth accident. This time I mentioned this matter voluntarily, I am afraid it is not simple. Yang Zi’an didn’t want to have more trouble, so he had to deal with his brother.

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In order to avoid the prince’s aiming everywhere and find a place to stay in peace, the second prince concealed his father’s request and asked Li to let him apply for Shangyiguan. Seeing the second prince begging, General Li had no choice but to promise him to sign up as the second prince’s uncle. In order to hide his prince’s identity, the second prince changed his name to Li Xinyuan.

On the day of the Shangyi Museum exam, the people who came to take the exam were so densely packed that they could not be drained. In order to ensure the safety and fairness of the examination, Shangyi Museum will screen the candidates by means of a body search. Ke Yiyi is a girl, but how can she escape the search? Tang Jiuhua bribed the reviewers and searched for Yiyi on his behalf. Finally, Yiyi and Tang Jiuhua successfully entered the examination room. Also entering together were Yang Zi’an, the second prince Li Xinyuan, and the warrior Du Gu Muxue.

The first exam at Shangyi Museum is the martial arts exam. Scholars are studying hard at ordinary times, and they are somewhat at a loss when faced with this sudden Wu Kao. However, Du Gu Muxue is determined to get it, only feel that this exam is trivial. Today’s Wu Kao is a long-distance race. The starting point is set at the Shang Yiguan training ground. It passes through Chang’an Street, the promenade outside the palace, and the palace gate.

The test started, and the candidates were ready to go. When the gongs and drums sounded, everyone desperately rushed out. In order to fall off the list, Yiyi paced slowly at the starting point, Tang Jiuhua saw the situation, and quickly pulled Yiyi. Without taking a few steps, Yiyi procrastinated by drinking water and procrastinating. A pair of twin examinees saw this and mocked Yiyi’s white face, causing Yiyi to be very unhappy. Suddenly there was interest and she quickly stepped forward.

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Yang Zi’an and Du Gu Muxue, who practiced martial arts, were far ahead, and Yiyi took the opportunity to procrastinate and delay. Unexpectedly, Tang Jiuhua was still inseparable. In the end, Dugu Muxue and Yang Zi’an took the first place and one second place successfully passed the martial arts exam. Subsequently, Li Xinyuan also successfully promoted. Seeing the end point ahead, Yiyi lied that her stomach ache stopped. There were only the last two places left for promotion. Tang Jiuhua hurriedly dragged Yiyi forward, and finally made a step. Due to the problem of unqualified seals, Yiyi and Tang Jiuhua successfully entered the promotion.

After the literary examination, the Jijiu only took out a flower as the exam question. At the beginning of the exam, everyone began to immerse themselves in writing. The emperor saw Yiyi’s paper and took it directly to find Yiyi. It turned out that Yiyi drew wheat on the paper in order to fall behind.

Seeing the real dragon is angry, Yiyi quickly excuses herself. Yiyi said it rightly, which caused everyone present to appreciate it. Yiyi thought that the emperor would revoke his qualifications for the exam, but he succeeded in passing the test by the words of His Majesty. Yang Zian, Tang Jiuhua, Li Xinyuan and Du Gu Muxue also successfully entered the Shangyi Museum. The life of Shangyi Museum began. When they met, Yang Zian and Yiyi quarreled again. Coincidentally, the dormitory allocation, Yiyi was even allocated a room with Yang Zi’an.

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