The Chang’an Youth Episode 3 Recap

Shen Yiyi ’s dormitory allocation was refused. Shen Yiyi wanted to live alone and was refused. Dr. Lin reminded the students to have only one hundred points for each student. After the credits were deducted, they would be expelled. . In the room, Yang Zi’an was about to change his clothes. Shen Yiyi asked him to put the clothes on the bed first, what a boy was like, he said a lot, accidentally the two fell on the bed, Shen Yiyi hurried out to find Tang Jiuhua.

Tang Jiuhua thought that Yang Zian bullied Shen Yiyi and wanted to go to him to settle the accounts. He was stopped by Shen Yiyi. Tang Jiuhua heard that Shen Yiyi was sneezing and asked her to rush in to add a piece of clothing. Shen Yiyi wanted to use the pretend to drop out of school. , Unexpectedly seen by Dr. Ji Jiu. The next day, Shen Yiyi saw Tang Jiuhua changing his clothes without permission, and said to him that it would be over if the sacrifice wine met you. Tang Jiuhua said that the academic officer stipulates that he should wear uniformly issued student uniforms, and there is no provision to change the money. Shen Yiyi was inspired. See through the sleeves of the clothes.

In the school, everyone discusses that Dr. Wu ’s rules are called the black-faced god by the Guozijian. The good days are over. Dr. Wu asked the students to drink the water in the bowl with a long spoon. The requirement is to hold the end of the spoon handle and the body. Do not touch the water bowl with other parts. Du Gu Muxue wanted to break the handle of the spoon and was stopped by Dr. Wu. They also saw Tang Jiuhua and Shen Yiyi destroying their uniforms.

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Yang Zi’an and Shen Yiyi thought of the same method. Dr. Wu asked them to show everyone in the past. Shen Yiyi watched Yang Zi’an staring at himself and sprinkled water on his face. The two quarreled. Dr. Wu was furious and said The first lesson you will come to Shangyi Museum is not how to study, but unity and mutual assistance. In the future, you will be colleagues in the court and comrades-in-arms on the battlefield. The important thing is that many of you will become close friends of each other. Back at the dormitory, Tang Jiuhua repaired Shen Yiyi’s clothes and asked Bai Shaoqian to help. Tang Jiuhua felt that the next door was too quiet. He wondered if Yang Zian bullied Shen Yiyi and wanted to go out with a vase. After all, on the first day, the two were embarrassed together The voice is also very normal, and if I think that it is really what I thought, I will regret it at that time, but if I rush into it in case there is nothing, will Shen Yiyi feel that I am suspected of peeping, Bai Shaoqian Watching Tang Jiuhua’s move prepare to go to bed with the quilt.

Xiao Xinyuan was waiting for Dugu Muxue outside the room. When he saw that Yang Zi’an and Bai Shaoqian were taking the quilts out, they lamented that the students in Shangyi Museum were really strange. At this time Dugu Muxue was drinking on the roof. The next day, Xiao Xinyuan woke up and told himself that everything was going well today. Bai Shaoqian, who was about to wake up at the door, was frightened by the lonely Mu Xue who jumped from the roof. Shen Yiyi and Yang Zi’an didn’t want to be in the same room. The two decided to move back to Wuya Dian to sleep whoever came back late, no matter where they were.

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Tang Jiuhua wanted to tease Yang Zi’s trap, but he was trapped by Du Gu Muxue and was rescued until Shen Yiyi and Xiao Xin passed by. Xiao Xin loves to eat meat, Tang Jiuhua and Shen Yiyi give him his meat. Yang Zian sees that Shangyi Museum is a place to study. The bad habits you develop at home should be changed as soon as possible. When you hear his words, Shen Yiyi Dissatisfied, decided to go to the kitchen to show his skills, to let Yang Zian know what is cooking. The students praised Shen Yiyi’s food, but Yang Zian said that the taste of meat made of vegetarian dishes was not a solution to the problem. Shen Yiyi made him apologize, arrogant, and not human. Is this how your parents educated you? Yang Zian told her to stop talking about her father.

Assistant Teacher Yang Zixu learned that several people quarreled and rushed over. Yang Zian decided to take responsibility alone. Shen Yiyi claimed that this was a misunderstanding. Saying today is your last day at Shangyi Museum, Yang Zian said that you have no right to expel students, Xiao Xinyuan quickly said that this was a misunderstanding, and all the students present could testify. Assistant Professor Yang said that if five people prove the truth of what you said , I will not punish you, if there is no five proof, except for the three of you, the people who stand up will be punished likewise.

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