The Chang’an Youth Episode 4 Recap

Tang Jiuhua, Bai Shaoqian and Du Gu Muxue came out to testify, Shen Yiyi didn’t want to involve them, and took the initiative to take responsibility. If I wanted to expel myself, many students came out to testify, and Assistant Professor Yang let them do it for themselves. Tang Jiuhua and Shen Yiyi found that Li Xinyuan was holding a compass every day and asked if he would really deduce. Li Xinyuan calculated Tang Jiuhua ’s hexagram. You will have an affair today.

Tang Jiuhua suggested whether to go to Ningxiang Pavilion for dinner. Li Xinyuan asked Yang Zian if he would go together. Yang Zian said angrily that he would never go to that kind of place. Shang Shu’s daughter Han Yuer liked jade since she was a child. Seeing that the door of the study was not closed, she planned to go in and see the color of the fish pattern template jade. Her father warned her that the study could not take a half step without my permission.

At night, Shen Yiyi, Li Xinyuan and Tang Jiuhua came to Ningxiang Pavilion. Han Yuer passed by and saw Si Nanpei in Shen Yiyi’s body. In the class, Assistant Professor Yang announced to everyone that a party would soon be ushered in. I needed everyone to prepare a gift. Then I would draw a lot of surprises for each student. Li Xinyuan asked Tang Jiuhua to send What kind of gift, Tang Jiuhua said that he must send a gift unique in the world. At the beginning of the party, everyone started to draw gifts. Tang Jiuhua got Zhang Zhenbang’s gift. When they opened it, they were all scared by insects. Does Shen Yiyi say it is an insect specimen? Is there anything to fear? Li Xinyuan said that gifts are all intentions, don’t Shen Yiyi said that he was not picking, he was afraid.

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Yang Zi’an drew Shen Yiyi’s gift, opened the sachet inside, and coughed. Shen Yiyi saw the gift still being blamed on the ground. Li Xinyuan picked up the sachet. I suspect Yang Zi’an had hay fever. Yang Zi’an said to himself Shen Yiyi apologized to him when she learned the reason. Shen Yiyi got a gift from Yang Zi’an, which is a collection of Tao Yuanming ’s poems. When she opened it, there was a picture of the Spring Palace. Yang Zi’an was surprised to see that this picture is not Mine, some students deliberately provoked things and said that all the pictures of the Spring Palace appeared. Did Shen Yiyi see Yang Zian want to take you to the place of fireworks?

Li Xinyuan thought that Yang Zian would not do such an unbearable thing. Shen Yiyi suddenly said that it was n’t Yang Zi’an. He told two people who were trouble-savers to be ignorant, unless she had nothing to do, Yang Zian told her not to care about her own affairs. Yang Zi’an and others were playing outside, but the gates were closed at the curfew. A few people could only stay in the suburbs for one night. The next day, a few people sneaked back to Shangyi Museum. The doctor found them, and the doctor asked them where they went. The place where several people said was different, the doctor punished them for cleaning.

The prince went to the Shangyi Museum to visit the students, hoping to continue to work hard and study for his majesty today. The prince found that the second prince was also at the Shangyi Museum and deliberately made fun of Li Xinyuan. Han Shangshu reminded the prince that the second prince was very unfavorable to you at the Shangyi Pavilion. If they succeed in their studies, there will be a large number of people from the Shangyi Pavilion in the future.

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The second prince is now close to the water platform. The crown prince is the king. I have sent some officials around you to consolidate your position to support your crown prince. Your majesty attaches great importance to Shangyi Museum. Although the second prince is not favored at the moment, he will inevitably be important to your majesty after he is successful A list of princes, everyone above will work for you, there is a sudden movement in the room, Han Shanggong let the prince leave quickly.

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