The Chang’an Youth Episode 5 Recap

A fire broke out in the collection hall of Shangyi Museum and was finally discovered by Yang Zi’an and Shen Yiyi (Shen Dieyi). Yang Zi’an was injured by the fire, but when the doctor left, he said that if Yang Zi’an didn’t hurt, the rest of the place would be troubled and Shen Yiyi would bandage Yang Zi’an. Shen Yiyi was very embarrassed and turned in front of Yang Zi’an. Shen Yiyi bandaged Yang Zian, but Shen Yiyi accidentally fell into Yang Zian’s arms. Han Gong arranged the assassin Ning Xiang to Shang Yi Guan to destroy the evidence he left behind, but Ning Xiang encountered Du Gu Mu Xue at Shang Yi Guan.

At night, Yang Zi’an came to the bookstore alone and discovered that the bookstore’s Han Gong did not burn a clean list. He thought the list might be related to the corruption case. Ning Xiang did not find evidence in Shang Yi Museum, but was eventually driven away by Du Gu Mu Xue. The prince was in the Han Gong Mansion. Ningxiang saw the prince there, so she went forward to pour the wine. The prince looked at Ningxiang’s beauty and felt her hand. After the prince left, Han Gong asked Ningxiang if he wanted to borrow the prince to get rid of himself.

In a few days, Guozijian will test bag hockey with Shangyiguan. Assistant Professor Yang specially arranged Shen Yiyi (Shen Dieyi) and others as participants, but everyone found that Assistant Assistant Yang was deliberately looking for trouble, and the people who arranged it were not suitable. Shen Yiyi had no confidence in bag hockey because she had never played it. Tang Jiuhua stepped forward to comfort and said that everyone would help her together.

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Shen Yiyi started the training of bag hockey, so she as a woman screamed. In order to win, Shen Yiyi insisted on training with everyone. Du Gu Muxue is very good at playing bag hockey, but Du Gu Muxue suddenly left something, Yang Zian took the initiative to train with everyone.

Shen Yiyi had symptoms of accumulating food because she ate too much, and Yang Zian saw dried plums. In the night, Shen Yiyi’s stomach was crying and howling, Yang Zian stepped forward to check but was punched. Shen Yiyi followed Yang Zi’an training, and the training was very effective. Shen Yiyi was very happy. Shen Yiyi finally scored, she couldn’t help but hug Yang Zian, Tang Jiuhua hurriedly opened the two. Assistant Professor Yang scoffed at the training methods arranged by Yang Zi’an. Tang Jiuhua asked him if Assistant Professor Yang had done the internal education.

In the game of bag hockey at the Shangziguan Guozijian, the two sides launched a fierce duel. During the game, the Chinese sub-prison repeatedly committed fouls, but the referee pretended to be invisible.

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