The Chang’an Youth Episode 6 Recap

The scores of the two teams are the same. The final sentence is set to win or lose. The Shangyiguan team wins. Shen Yiyi is injured. The medical worker sees that Shen Yiyi’s leg is covered with blood. She must cut her pants. Shen Yiyi and Tang Jiuhua quickly said no, the medical worker My knees and lower legs are both injured, but the thigh may be seriously injured, and the bleeding is so serious. I was helpless for a while. Shen Yiyi secretly said a few words in Tang Jiuhua’s ear. Tang Jiuhua told everyone that he knew a man named Hu Yi.

He has an ancestral hemostatic medicine, I will get it now, no one should move until I come back. In the room, Tang Jiuhua drove everyone away. At this time, Li Xinyuan took the hemostatic medicine in the palace to find Shen Yiyi. At the door, he heard the conversation between the two people. It turned out that Shen Yiyi was a daughter. Muxue, ask him what you would do if you knew a friend who deceived you. Dugu Muxue said that everyone has hidden secrets. The difference between others and your imagination is not the fault of others.

It did n’t take long for Yang Zi’an to find out that he liked Shen Yiyi. He asked Tang Jiuhua how he usually got along with Shen Yiyi. Tang Jiuhua thought he angered Shen Yiyi again. Yang Zian explained that I just saw that you usually get along well with her and wanted to know You know how to get along with her, Tang Jiuhua said that he should not get along. Yang Zi’an and Li Xinyuan played chess, Yang Zi’an was absent, Li Xinyuan asked him what he was thinking, Yang Zi’an quickly said that I was thinking about my own affairs, Li Xinyuan said that there have been too many things happened recently, especially Shen Yiyi was injured and hurt Everyone worried about her, hoping that Dieyi could get well soon, secretly swearing in the future, I must protect her well in the future, never let her hurt.

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Han Yuer learned that Shen Yiyi was badly injured in bag hockey and went to her. Shen Yiyi asked her what to do. Han Yuer sent the letter to Shen Yiyi. I do n’t have a lot to say to you in that hurry. , To give her medicine, Shen Yiyi quickly refused, when Tang Jiuhua and others showed up, it turned out to be you, you are not staying in Ningxiang Pavilion, what are you doing in our Shangyi Museum, Shen Yiyi told Han Yuer that I already have I’m in love, I can’t accept you, the person I like is Yang Zi’an, I can’t accept that except for what he thought was a person, even if it was a sin, Han Yuer left crying, Shen Yiyi breathed a sigh of relief and then explained to them You just saw that just now, I really have no way to make this decision.

In the evening, Shen Yiyi, Du Gu Muxue and Li Xinyuan sat drinking together. Shen Yiyi suggested that the three of us could create a peerless wine. From today on, the three of us will be called the alcoholic trio. Shen Yiyi ’s love for Yang Zi’an spread in Shangyi Museum. There was a lot of discussion. Shen Yiyi was afraid that he might want to drop out of school. Yang Zi’an said that it ’s you who was scared and shrunk. Nothing will change. In the class, Dr. Wu named and when Shen Yiyi was called, Tang Jiuhua, Li Xinyuan and Du Gu Muxue helped Shen Yiyi at the same time. Shen Yiyi was detained for 20 minutes. At this time, Shen Yiyi met Yang Zian while selling wine. He said that you came here today.

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In fact, I can see that you were worried about them. The two returned to Shangyi Museum and were discovered by Dr. Wu. Tang Jiuhua, Li Xinyuan and Du Gu Muxue were detained very much. Tang Jiuhua refused to accept why we only deducted points. Yang Zi’an also missed the class and why he didn’t deduct it. Dr. Wu claimed that Yang Zi’an took a leave of absence to me in advance. Yang Zi’an said that if you want to deduct their points, you will also deduct my money. I met Shen at the market today. Yiyi, she is talking about curfews with small vendors, and it seems to be a return visit. Since the purpose is the same, the punishment should naturally be the same. Dr. Wu decided not to deduct points, and Shen Yiyi was very lost. Zhaocai and Jinbao reported this to Assistant Professor Yang. Assistant Teacher Yang called several people together and punished the Student Code. Yang Zian and Shen Yiyi fined the bucket

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