The Chang’an Youth Episode 7 Recap

Coach Yang punishes Shen Yiyi for lifting an hourly bucket, and Yang Zi’an lifts half an hour, and it must be done under the supervision of everyone. The punishment of Yang Zian for half an hour has arrived. He did not let the person take down the bucket. Since Shen Yiyi just listened to his perseverance and had no extracurricular branches, Yang Zian decided to accompany Shen Yiyi with the weight-bearing bucket. Shen Yiyi was unloaded from the bucket and was paralyzed on the ground. Everyone quickly asked the doctor to help her. The dumb Muxue, who had always been reticent, saw Shen Yiyi injured and deliberately took the magical medicine at home.

Assistant Yang punished Shen Yiyi, making Tang Jiuhua very unhappy, so he took advantage of the dark night, sneaked into Assistant Yang ’s room, and put poison on his mouth. The next day, Assistant Yang ’s lips swelled extremely high. , Like hanging two sausages, causing many students to laugh.

Shen Yiyi received his father ’s home letter, and Dieyi ’s father asked Shen Yiyi to take care of himself. He heard the Tang family said that Shen Yiyi had changed the man ’s surname, so Shen Yiyi felt at ease to study at Shangyi Museum. He was already at home It’s better to do something. In the future, someone will investigate and he will help her lie, and also claim that there is Shen Yiyi’s eternal family. Shen Yiyi was so moved when she saw the family book that she cried. Yang Zi’an thought that he was homesick, and comforted her that Shang Yiguan was also her home. Shen Yiyi thought that what had come would be safe, and she would surely investigate Shen Nanpei’s whereabouts for Shen Dieyi. Yang Zian felt discomfort when she saw her clothes being snotted and teared by Shen Yiyi.

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The Emperor’s secret meeting Yang Zi’an asked him about the progress of the case. Yang Zi’an said that he hadn’t found it yet. The emperor donated the prepared Chongyang cake to Yang Zi’an and asked her to play chess.

Several students went out together, and Shen Yiyi discovered a carrier pigeon. Shen Yiyi claimed that the carrier pigeon could transmit a message. Tang Jiuhua didn’t believe that she had to try it out. As a result, the pigeons flew out of the cage and never returned. Shen Yiyi chased the pigeons behind in embarrassment, accidentally knocking over the pen and ink on Li Xinyuan’s book case, and Si Nanpei, who was wearing Shen Yiyi, was just printed on the paper.

Tang Jiuhua hurriedly walked over and found that the pattern on the canvas seemed familiar, and he finally remembered that he had seen this pattern in the letter written by Han Yu’er to Shen Yiyi. So I immediately told Shen Yiyi, Shen Yiyi went to Han Yuer, who knew Han Yuer had just been banned by her father, Tang Jiuhua asked her not to worry, and it was the Mid-Autumn Festival soon, when Han Yuer lifted the ban, they could naturally chat .

After waiting for the rest time, Shen Yiyi went to have a drink with a few classmates, and accidentally passed a place. Several people were sneaking there to deal with something. Yang Zian walked over to pick up a coin on the ground. It looks different from what I have seen in the past.

They went to the restaurant to eat. Yang Zian was still playing with the coins in his hand. He threw the coins into the plate, and his voice was not as crisp and sweet as the usual coins. Not only was the copper money in his hand different, Li Xinyuan had just taken the money from the money shop, and his voice was dull. After careful scrutiny, everyone felt that bad money was circulating in the market. A total of several people decided to investigate. They go to the major money shops and shops to pay back the money, so that they can find out where the bad money circulates.

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Shen Yiyi was exchanging money. She was accidentally covered with her nose and snatched away. Many students went to the meeting place and found Shen Yiyi and began to look around. Yang Zian found that a woman was chased by others. When the woman saw him, she immediately hid Behind him, Yang Zian was also asked to scatter the cornel powder in the sachet to each other. The eyes of several gangsters were blinded by the cornel powder and immediately yelled.

Yang Zi’an and Shen Yiyi were able to escape. Yang Zi’an couldn’t understand how the woman knew his sachet was filled with cornel powder. He pulled away the other’s hidden sleeves, but unexpectedly it was Shen Yiyi, Shen Yiyi thought she was a woman The matter of men’s clothing was exposed. However, Yang Zian thought that Shen Yiyi was forced to disguise herself as a woman. Shen Yiyi could not help but cry and laugh. Yang Zi’an felt that this matter was not that simple. He told his friends to keep a secret, and he changed into a handyman’s clothes and sneaked into the market to find clues.

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