The Chang’an Youth Episode 8 Recap

The students speculated about why Yang Zi’an didn’t come to class after class. Li Xinyuan felt that Yang Zi’an must have eaten Huajiu. Shen Yiyi didn’t believe that Yang Zi’an’s behavior might not like to go to such a lively place.

Yang Zian sneaked into a handyman job, and he was blindfolded into the desert. There are a lot of iron smelters, they are all doing the work of melting iron and pouring copper coins. Shen Yiyi peeped in a room while people were not paying attention. A masked woman was looking at the finished product. The quality of copper coins is not as good as a batch. Yang Zi’an regrets that she can’t see the woman’s face. Suddenly Yang Zi’an made a sound when she touched something. The masked woman let her men rush to find it. Rather than kill it by mistake, it should not be missed.

Shen Yiyi wanted to find out if Yang Zi’an had gone to the desert, but unfortunately she was also tied up halfway along. Shen Yiyi finally saw Yang Zi’an and called Yang Zi’an’s name in surprise. Yang Zi’an had been difficult to hide. Shen Yiyi’s call exposed Yang Zi’an’s identity. All the people tied Shen Yiyi and Yang Zian together and locked them in the fire room, ready to be disposed of later. I don’t know if they can go out alive. Yang Zi’an couldn’t help but sigh. If he can go back alive this time, he really wants to drink the dishes prepared by Shen Yiyi.

Shen Yiyi quietly untied the ropes between her and Yang Zi’an. The two escaped lifelessly. Tang Jiuhua took Dugu Muxue and others to find Shen Yiyi, and finally rescued the footless Shen Yiyi. Tang Jiuhua heard that Yang Zian had brought Shen Yiyi to handle the case. He angrily accused Yang Zian of not calling him. What if Shen Yiyi had three shorts and two shorts?

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Ning Xiang reported to Han Shangshu what happened during the day in the money-making factory. Han Shangshu was very angry and accused Ningxiang of doing bad things. Shen Yiyi and Yang Zi’an were discovered, worrying that things would be traced to them, Han Shangshu let Ningxiang immediately remade some incidents to distract their attention. Ningxiang quickly obeyed her orders, and then she bought a lot of assassins to kill the most important officials in Beijing. After killing the official, Ningxiang fabricated a letter in which the official took all the blame for coining the coin on himself.

Han Yuer received an invitation letter from Shen Yiyi. Once the foot was lifted, she quickly went to Shen Yiyi and asked why Shen Yiyi deliberately deceived him. Shen Yiyi wanted to find more clues from Han Yu’er. Looking at Han Yu’er’s eager eyes, she could only endure hard.

Ning Xiang found that Han Shangshu spread a large number of lacquer seals. She did not understand why Han Shangshu did it. Han Shangshu casually said that there was only one seal in his hand, which was called evidence. If it was in the hands of many people, it was called articles and toys. , He reminded Ning Xiang not to inquire should not inquire.

Half a semester finally passed, and she began to divide into dormitory rooms again. Shen Yiyi expected the teacher to divide her and Tang Jiuhua together. Unexpectedly, what happened was contrary to her wish. Shen Yiyi and Li Xinyuan were in a dormitory. Shen Yiyi pulled Li Xinyuan aside and asked him if he wanted You can change it with Tang Jiuhua. Shen Yiyi knows what she is thinking, and asks her if she does n’t want to share a dormitory with him. Shen Yiyi is in a dilemma, but Li Xinyuan asks when Shen Yiyi can understand his intentions. The secret of Shen Yiyi has long been known.

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The school will soon organize an outing. After this outing, everyone can go to the brook to take a bath. Hearing that she wants to take a bath, Shen Yiyi quickly wants to escape. Tang Jiuhua helped her find a way. He has quietly asked Han Yuer to come back to find her. Hang out.

On the day of the outing, Han Yuer came to Shen Yiyi, and many of her classmates jumped in the river to take a bath. Shen Yiyi quickly pulled Han Yuer to play elsewhere. No one was around. Shen Yiyi pretended to take out the envelope and asked Han Yuer if she knew the pattern above. Han Yuer said that what she has in her family is that if he likes it, he will engrave one for him.

The envelope accidentally fell into the river. Shen Yiyi hurriedly jumped into the river to pick it up. Han Yuer worried that she would call for help immediately when she fell into the water. Li Xinyuan heard that she hurried over to help Shen Yiyi. Seeing that he was soaked, she took off her coat to her. . Shen Yiyi learned the identity of the second prince Li Xinyuan, and Li Xinyuan also admitted that she knew her daughter, so the two decided to keep each other’s secrets.

Shen Yiyi found that Si Nanpei he was carrying was gone. Li Xinyuan handed the found Nan Nanpei to her. Yang Zian knew that Shen Yiyi had fallen into the water and was very worried for her, so that Shen Yiyi would not be allowed to approach any streams in the future.

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