The Chang’an Youth Episode 9 Recap

Shen Yiyi invited everyone to drink together. At night, everyone drank a lot. Li Xinyuan sent Shen Yiyi home. When she heard that she was thirsty and wanted to drink water, she went to fetch water. Yang Zian got drunk and returned to the bedroom. Hearing Shen Yiyi ’s voice was unknown. Unconsciously, I thought they did n’t have a dormitory. Hearing Shen Yiyi like to like him, Yang Zian felt his head was hot. He tried to restrain himself, ran out of the door, and poured himself all over with cold water, because After drinking too much wine, I slept in the yard all night.

In the morning, Shen Yiyi woke up and she did n’t remember anything. Li Xinyuan told Shen Yiyi that although she did n’t hurt, Yang Zi’an was miserable. He was suffering from wind-cold fever and had a high fever. Shen Yiyi was out of friendship with her classmates and saw Yang Zi’an had typhoid fever because he asked them to drink that time. He felt guilty and snarled around Yang Zi’an all day long. Yang Zi’an was very useful for Shen Yiyi to follow him all day long, but he knew his identity and how could he indulge in the personal affection of his children. So she told Shen Yiyi clearly that his condition was almost better, so she should not follow him in the future.

Tang Jiuhua saw Shen Yiyi following Yang Zi’an’s ass all day long, and quietly pulled Shen Yiyi to ask if she liked Yang Zian. Shen Yiyi didn’t have the urge to wake up what he didn’t have. She was in guilt before taking care of Yang Zian. Yes, hearing this, Tang Jiuhua was finally relieved. Li Xinyuan saw that Si Nanpei, who was wearing Shen Yiyi, was very familiar with him. He carefully looked at the pattern on it and thought it was the decoration of the palace.

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Li Xinyuan asked Shen Yiyi where the accessories came from. Shen Yiyi knew that Si Nanpei was something in the palace. She didn’t know whether she should tell her story to Li Xinyuan. She wanted to discuss with Tang Jiuhua and tell Li Xinyuan, so she Lied to Li Xinyuan.

It did n’t take long for Li Xinyuan to invite Shen Yiyi to dinner. He ordered a good meal and said that there was something to ask Shen Yiyi for help. Shen Yiyi looked at Li Xinyuan ’s desire to talk about rest, and Shen Yiyi asked him if he liked someone. Li Xinyuan asked him if he wished to like a woman, but he didn’t know how to confess to her. Shen Yiyi listened to Li Xinyuan’s whisper while holding vegetables, and suddenly turned to see Yang Zi’an sitting on the opposite table. Her entire mind was attracted to Yang Zi’an. She didn’t pay attention to what Li Xinyuan was saying.

The food in the kitchen is becoming more and more unpalatable. Shen Yiyi volunteered to go to the kitchen to make a few dishes for the classmates to add to their meals. After inquiring in the kitchen, she realized that the aunt Zhang ’s child was lost in the kitchen. In order to share it with everyone, Shen Yiyi volunteered. Will go to the kitchen to help in the future.

Shen Yiyi got up early every day and went to the kitchen to help. She did n’t go to bed until very late. She could n’t support her but could n’t find a suitable kitchen lady. Li Xinyuan told Shen Yiyi that the children in the town had lost more and more recently At first, the government was not sad at first, but recently they may feel that the matter is serious and they started to investigate the case.

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Yang Zian sorted out what happened recently, and thought it might be related to the case of dirty money. He trancely remembered hearing the children crying in the wilderness, so he re-searched for clues in the wilderness. Shen Yiyi also came, and the two people were involuntarily related to the case of thinking of child trafficking and the case of dirty money. Yang Zian heard the fine footsteps behind him, and thought it was a gangster. Who knew Shen Yiyi, Shen Yiyi was innocently beaten by Yang Zian With a punch, the eyes were swollen.

Yang Zian felt that this matter was not as simple as they thought. For the safety of Shen Yiyi, Yang Zian asked her not to interfere in it. Shen Yiyi wanted to investigate with Yang Zian. Uncomfortable. The two returned to the school together. When Li Xinyuan, Tang Jiuhua, and Du Gu Muxue heard that they were going to investigate the disappearance of the child, they applied for joining. One more person would have more strength. Yang Zian agreed that everyone should investigate together, and Shen Yiyi was happy. They also gave them a resounding name “Shangyiguan Wuzi”.

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