The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Mother’s Mission

Elodie Yung is a star. Thony De Le Rhosa is a fierce mom above all else.

Thony showed how far she would be willing to go to save Luca’s life in The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 6.

She also showed some lines that she wouldn’t cross, not even for her child.

Before discussing Thony’s plight, let’s discuss the subplot of Thony and Arman playing the FBI.

Their plan worked for a while. Garrett was practically gloating that he managed to arrest another one of Hayak’s men.

Arman: You all done here?
Garrett: For now.
Arman: Get the hell out of my club.

However, Thony and Arman messed up when Thony gave Garret a wrong tip about Hayak’s trucking business. As soon as Garrett saw there was really fruit in those trucks, he was horrified. He wouldn’t believe it was just a mistake. He guessed correctly that they were being played.

Now that Garrett knows the truth, this is dangerous for Thony, Arman, and Hayak. Hopefully, Hayak does go down as he scoffed that he’s too good for the FBI and had no fear, but I hope Arman and Thony get by unscathed.

Thony’s decisions in The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5 caused an unshakeable rift between her and Fiona. Fiona and Thony had such a painful but realistic sisterly fight. The emotions were raw, and Fiona’s betrayal felt so emotional.

Thony: I wanted to protect you and the kids. I wanted to keep you out of it.
Fiona: How do you think not telling me protected us? We were nearly deported and Gabby did get deported because of you! She’s separated from her kids who have no idea when or if they’re ever going to see their mother again.

Fiona was used to being overlooked by other people, but she thought Thony valued her opinion, so it shook her that Thony never told her about working for the mob or the FBI.

Fiona hated that Thony never discussed any other options with her. She taunted that Thony thought she was better than anyone else when Thony offered to use her connections to try and get Gabby back.

Fiona genuinely looked disgusted with how Thony acted now. It looked like this rift may alter their relationship, especially with how Fiona felt about organ brokers. It seemed there might have been a slight thaw, but there still is a way to go before these two are BFFs again.

Thony had to face some hard truths and make one of the hardest decisions of her life when she arrived at Mother Donna’s ranch.

As a mother, Thony was bothered by all the young children that arrived in the van, though the horror stories Mother Donna told her were way worse.

If those children were in orphanages, they’d be sold into cartels and killed off when they no longer were of service. That was a vivid and horrifying scene that no child should endure.

Mother Donna was a cross between a saint and a sinner since she protected those children, but she removed immigrants’ organs as payment to cross to America and reunite with their families.

Thony would do anything to save Luca, including buying a black market liver.

When Mother Donna learned Thony used to be a surgeon, she suggested Thony pay for Luca’s liver transplant by performing three kidney removals instead.

Even though Thony has been using her medical skills to save many people, she seemed scared to use them in an official setting.

I don’t run a business, Thony. I run a community. All you have to do is assist our lead surgeon and then you’ll be saving the life of your son.

Mother Donna

Even though she had reservations, Thony agreed to Mother Donna’s plan.

If only Thony could practice medicine in the United States, finding a legal transplant might be easier for her.

Both she and Dr. Nnamdi commiserated over how difficult it was to practice medicine here, and they’d have to start their training again, which was expensive. We got the rare treat of seeing Thony operate and showing what a badass surgeon she was.

The trouble began when Thony saw a little girl on the operating table. She couldn’t morally operate on a child nearly the same age as Luca as a mom. Mother Donna tried to reason that the child’s parents were using their daughter’s kidney as a passage payment.

Thony: I’m not operating on a child for you!
Mother Donna: Even if it saves your own child?

Thony finally heard all of Fiona’s arguments and reiterated that she couldn’t operate on a child, walking out on Luca’s best chance. Somethings you have to do what’s right.

Thony repeatedly has stalled Marco from coming over to the States. She seemed so much more in control over here, taking charge of Luca’s medical decisions, except it’s starting to fall apart now.

However, even though the organ broker didn’t work out, Thony didn’t call Marco. She went to work and fell apart in Arman’s arms. It was a scene many Armony fans had been waiting for.

That scene showed how comfortable Thony relied on Arman for comfort and support.

Thony has had to be the strong one in her marriage, so she needed to be taken care of for once.

Since the beginning, Adan Canto and Elodie Yung have oozed chemistry, and there is nothing hotter than going from a comforting embrace to a sexy kiss.

So many couples have started making out from grief scenes. It’s become a popular staple.

They were getting into it until Thony pulled away and ran out. We’re unsure if she remembered she was married or all her responsibilities.

In the cliffhanger, Thony returned home, only to find out Marco had flown in without telling her. Thony’s love life is about to become complicated.

Over to you, Cleaning Lady Fanatics. What will Thony do now with Arman and Marco in the same town? How will she get a liver transplant for Luca?

Will Arman succeed in leaving Hayak’s business? Chime in below in the comments.

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