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Drama Info:

Title: The Eight (民初奇人传) Min Chu Qi Ren Chuan
Episodes: 36
Release Date: June 12, 2020
Film Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang
Summary: The drama is follows university student Hua Min Chu as he accidentally enters jianghu and gets involved in their battles. He meets Gua Dao Ren and Zhong Yao and they explore the secrets of jianghu, save the people from troubled times, and protect justice in their homeland.

Plot Synoposis:

Patriotic student Hua Min Chu has a marriage contract with Miss Zhong Yao as the two grew up with each other.

After graduating from college, Hua Min Chu rejects the job Zhong Yao arranged for him, intending to pave a career for himself.

He accidentally obtains the “Painting of the Ten Walkers” of unknown origin, and thus gets to know people like Miss Xi Shui and Zhang Yu.

Hua Min Chu discovers that his life is closely related to the painting. He also finds that the people in the “low-level industry” who he just met as friends could contribute their own strength to the cause of saving the country. Therefore, he keeps the scroll and takes on the role of “scroll bearer”.

Hua Min gradually grows up after facing all these events. During this time, Xi Shui accompanies him the entire way, and he gradually understood the sincerity of love.

At the same time, the conspiracy caused by evil Hua Yu Zhi is gradually revealed. Min Chu falls into a deep dilemma and Xi Shui gets seriously injured.

Min Chu and his friends take on the responsibility of patriotic salvation and learns about national justice. Together, they break up the other party’s conspiracy.

Min Chu also makes everyone understand the truth they have been pursuing: deny oneself, dedicate oneself to the rise of China.

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Cast & Characters:

Ou Hao 欧豪 as Hua Min Chu 华民初
Hua Min becomes the scroller bearer for the Eight and protects the country with his colleagues.

Tan Song Yun 谭松韵 as Xi Shui · Sai Dao Ren 希水·寡道人
The head of Yin and Yang, she has strong martial arts skill, and is good at using worms.

Supporting Characters

Wang Zi Xuan 王紫璇 as Zhong Yao 钟瑶
She is intelligent. She grew up with Min Chu since young and they are childhood sweethearts. Zhong Yao is seemingly weak but thoughtful.

Qin Lan 秦岚 as Jin Xiu Niang 金绣娘
Because she had nowhere to go she joins the merchant women. Known as the world’s flower leader, she later becomes the master of the merchant women.

Jin Shi Jie

Jin Shi Jie 金士杰 as Ba Xian 八仙
The master of supernatural powers, he acts strangely and arrogantly, and loves travelling the world.

Cheng Xing Yuan

Cheng Xing Yuan 程星源 as Ai Xin Jue Luo · Qi Ming 爱新觉罗 · 启鸣
A Manchu descendant of the Yellow Banner, he is an idle noble who pursues Jin Xiu Niang.

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Ou Hao in The Eight Drama
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Chinese Drama The Eight Drama
The Eight Drama
Chinese Drama The Eight Drama
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Start: June 12, 2020

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