The Fear Index Tv Series 2022 Release Date, Trailer, Cast Names, And More

The Fear Index 2022

The Fear Index, a high-stakes financial thriller series based on Robert Harris’ famous novel, is coming to Sky Atlantic, with Penny Dreadful star Josh Hartnett leading the cast. He plays an American physicist who develops an AI-driven system that profits off anxiety in the financial markets by operating at breakneck speed. However, on the day of the launch, everything begins to spiral out of control.


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The Fear Index Release Date

The Fear Index is a four-part series that premieres on Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom on Thursday, February 10 at 9 p.m. From the same air date, all four episodes will be accessible on Sky Box Sets and NOW, a streaming service. As soon as we have more information about the US release date and channel, we’ll let you know.

The Fear Index 2022 Cast And Characters

Cast Name Character Name
Josh Hartnett Alex Hoffman 
Arsher Ali Hugo Quarry
Leila Farzad Gabby Hoffman
Grégory Montel Jean-Philippe Leclerc
Aïssa Maïga Marieme Sagnane
Jerry Killick Karp
Derek Siow Lin Ju-Long
Hans Peterson Pieter van der Zyl
Niseema Theillaud Marie-Claude
Roderick Hill Quant 1 
Kevin Ezekiel Ogunleye Quant 2

The Fear Index 2022 Plot

The Anxiety Index begins in Geneva’s financial centre, where Dr. Alex Hoffman is building an AI-driven system that promises to make billions by exploiting fear in the financial markets. Alex’s sanity is questioned, however, when he is brutally attacked by a man who knows all of his security codes. Alex suspects he’s being framed after a series of strange events. But, as truths from his background come to light, can anyone believe he isn’t going insane? What follows is a horrifying journey through Alex’s worst 24 hours, as he is forced to rethink all he believes he knows while simultaneously discovering how dangerous his AI-driven creation could be.

The Far Index 2022 Trailer

Sky has unveiled their Fear Index. “Fear is driving the world like never before,” Dr. Alex Hoffman, Josh’s character, declares at the start of the high-octane teaser. And as Alex realizes someone is seeking to end his life, fear threatens to overcome him. The teaser also includes high-speed car chases, building falls, and devastating explosions, giving viewers a taste of the action-packed Sky Atlantic series.



Who Is Playing Dr. Alex Hoffan In The Fear Index Tv Series 2022?

Dr. Alex Hoffman, played by Josh Hartnett, is a technical prodigy who has a waking nightmare in the worst 24 hours of his life. Alex is a gifted scientist who has always excelled in his field. He is more interested in artificial intelligence than in money, yet he ends up in finance because it appears to be the ideal outlet. However, it puts him and those around him in potentially dangerous circumstances. He is currently living in a world that he does not comprehend. “The narrative is inspired by Frankenstein, and it’s fantastic. Alex is a perfect fit for the character of Dr. Frankenstein. Many scientists and technologists are out of control. This anecdote demonstrates how vulnerable we are to their will and how faulty that process can be.


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  • The Fear Index Tv Series

  • The Fear Index Tv Series 2022

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