The House of the Fairy Fox (2020)

The House of the Fairy Fox (2020)
Other Title: 狐门秘事 / 我的室友是狐仙之蓦然回首 / Hu Men Mi Shi / The Secret of the Fairy Fox Gens

Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Zhang Zhihong
Release Date:
Apr 7, 2020
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  • Aries Chen as Bai Qi
  • Luo Xiang as Jin Chuan
  • Wu Xuan Xuan as Chen Xiao Jun
  • Zhou Jie as Xiao Ge Ran
  • CC Liao as Cai Ji
  • Tian Bo

Set during the warlord period in Linghe City, a merchant Xiao Geran was unfortunately embroiled in a murder case and during his journey to find the truth, he meets Bai Qi, the descendant of a fox. Together, they unravel the schemes of the Yin Yang Master, Jin Chuan.

He Ling City, during the period of warlord separatism, and the young master of the business, Xiao Suran, was unfortunately involved in a murder case. Found the Yin Yang master Jinchuan’s conspiracy, the two fought with their desperate death, swearing to defend the story of the people of the city.

In the Heling City during the period of warlord separatism, the young master Xiao Suran was unfortunately involved in a murder case. During the search for the truth, he met Bai Qi, a moat officer who was actually a descendant of the Fox tribe, and accidentally discovered the conspiracy of the Yinyang master Jinchuan. I also met my sweetheart, Chen Xiaojun, the daughter of the commander, and the secret service of Jinchuan ’s waiter, Ji Ji, who secretly succumbed to the poisonous hand and forced Bai Qi to rescue him. The commander colluded and killed his father Xiao Xiaoran. Jinchuan set a trap and stolen the secret treasure. Jinchuan, who had greatly increased mana, wanted to surrender Bai Qi to obtain the whereabouts of the Holy Son of the Fox and the Purple Seal. The life and death of Heling City hang in an instant.

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