The King: The Eternal Monarch Episode 1 Recap

This story began in the period of the King of Silla, the King of the Three Kingdoms. The King of Gods received a bamboo flute from the Dragon King of East China Sea. In Ganlin, the rainy season will end and the weather will clear, the wind will stop, and the waves will be stable. King Shenwen witnessed the ability of bamboo flute, named it Wanbo Xidi and designated it as a national treasure.

Li Lin mysteriously tells the two police officers about this distant legend. His file records were born in 1951, and now it is 2020, he is seventy years old, but he has the face of young people, it is incredible . Li Lin explained that he had hardly grown old since the winter of 1994, and the time lapsed very slowly. That was because he got Wanbo Sidi and grabbed it from his brother.

The female police officer asked Li Lin if he had killed his brother? Li Lin admitted that he had killed his half-brother, because he ascended to the throne with his son-in-law’s aura, but he was only kind. Even if he was in control of the world, nothing was achieved. He didn’t even know the power of Wanbo Sidi and predicted it. To be precise, it represents two worlds, and one day his nephew will follow his own footsteps and confront the legend.

Another Korean empire in the world, in the winter of 1994, Li Lin, the golden prince, used the Si Yin sword to usurp power and seized the throne, killed the younger brother of the emperor, and obtained the coveted Wanbo Sidi. Crown Prince Li Gong awakened from his sleep, witnessed the death of his father, picked up the blood-stained Si Yin Jian to kill Li Lin to avenge his father, Li Lin raised his hand to block it, Wan Bo Xidi was killed by Jian Yi Cut in two.

Li Lin picked up the other half of the ten thousand wave of flute on the ground, pierced Li Gong’s neck to cut the grass and eradicate the root. At this time a masked person came to rescue, the alarm sounded and the imperial army was about to come to rescue the driver. Li Lin had to retreat. Li Gang was seriously injured but was not dead. He clutched the half Wanbo siren in his hand, and pulled out the identity card worn by the masked man’s neck in a coma, which read the Seoul Local Police Agency.

After the emperor Li Hao was killed, the surviving prince Li Gang will soon become the new emperor, and the rebellious Li Lin will be deprived of his royal status and will be hunted down by the entire empire. Li Lin took half of the ten thousand wave of flute and fled to the old forest in the deep mountain. Because of the power of the flute, a space-time gate appeared, and after passing through it was another Republic of Korea.

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It is similar to the empire, everything is the same, the only difference is that there is no emperor, no longer imperial rule, but the president elected by the people. Li Lin was very shocked by all this incredible thought. When reading the newspaper, he met a man who looked exactly like his brother Li Hao. The man saw Li Lin’s appearance with a shocked expression and shouted at his brother, surprised that his brother could stand up and walk.

Li Lin pushed away the man and stared at the half-wave of the flute. It was the power of the flute, and he came to another parallel world. Li Lin learned the residence of the world from the man’s mouth, and then killed the younger brother as he did in the Imperial World, and went back to the residence to kill another one who was in a wheelchair. This scene happened to be seen by Li Zhixun, his nephew who came back from school, and he corresponded to Li Gang in the Empire era.

At the same time, the prince of the Korean empire, Li Gang, became the third emperor of the empire. In the world of the Republic of Korea, the body of Zhixun ’s father was found, and his wife went to the police station to identify it. The police initially concluded that the drunk driver died in a car accident. His wife signed the government’s document instead of cremation with only one glance, and he was too lazy to collect the corpse, because in these years he was delicious and lazy to do nothing all day, wishing him to die early and clean. Li Lin replaced himself in this wheelchair in a wheelchair, and suddenly stood up and was scared to learn that Xun’s mother was dumbfounded.

Li Lin threw himself in the imperial world after the killed Republic of China. After the body was found, everyone thought he was dead. A few decades later, Li Lin returned to the imperial world through the Shimen, and found the surviving men. Li Gang also became a very good emperor, respected by all people, and female Prime Minister Gu Ruili came to report on her work. She was also the queen with the highest expectations of the people and Li Gang’s most right.

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Li Gang told the children the fairy tale of “Alice in Wonderland”, and then went to participate in the dragon boat competition. The captain of the guard Cao Ying took his men around the martial law. Suddenly someone had a gun and made trouble. Cao Ying immediately rushed up to protect Li Gong. Li Gun saw a girl wearing a black bunny dress, just like the white rabbit in the pocket watch chased by Alice in a fairy tale. She subconsciously chased and ran, but after chasing around, she could not find her trace.

The reason why Li Gun chased the girl wearing rabbit clothes is just naively thinking that she can bring good luck as written in a fairy tale book, and she can find someone who saved herself when she was a child, Zheng Taiyi, a female police officer in Seoul Local Police Department. The girl Li Gun saw was actually in a parallel world of the Republic of China. The two worlds intersected. He saw her shadow because of the power of the ten thousand wave flute.

In the world of the Republic of Korea, police officer Zheng Taiyi and his team members are arresting suspects of illegal gambling websites. In the imperial world, Li Gun saw the rabbit girl again on the horse farm, chased it on the white horse, entered the bamboo forest, and saw the stone gate. The cane in his hand was actually the half-million wave of flute.

Riding through the stone gate, Li Gun entered the streets of the Republic of China. Because of his handsome appearance and riding a big white horse, he immediately attracted passers-by to observe. Zheng Taiyi drove back to the police station. A dazzling person seemed to see it in the car. The downfall of herself scared her that she thought that there was an illusion, and when she looked back carefully, there was nothing. Zheng Taiyi just let out a sip and saw Li Gong riding a white horse on the street, which seriously affected the traffic. He got off and stopped as a policeman. Seeing Zheng Taiyi’s appearance, Li gang was hung with an identity card in her neck. She was very excited that she finally found her, and she stepped forward to hold her in her arms. Zheng Taiyi was forced by her face, and she didn’t know Li gang at all. .

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