The King: The Eternal Monarch Episode 2 Recap

Zheng Taiyi hurriedly pushed away Li Gang and asked him why he did it. Li Gang replied that this was a greeting. He was very happy to see Zheng Taiyi. It turned out that she really exists, but only at the other end of the universe. Zheng Taiyi was confused by the scene in front of him, and asked Li Gun to show his identity card. Li Gang apologized that he did not have an identity card, and told Zheng Tai Yi that he was the emperor of the Korean Empire. He came here through time and space while chasing a suspicious character. Although at first it was a bit overwhelming, if you think about it, you will understand that this should be a parallel world. Li Gang regarded the female star on the poster as the queen of the world, and asked Zheng Taiyi to help her. Zheng Taiyi was speechless and apparently regarded him as a lunatic. When Li Gang was surprised by Zheng Taiyi’s personality, she had her hair tied up. Going to Li Gong in the name of violating the road traffic laws, he and the white horse were taken back to the police station.

At the police station, Zheng Taiyi simply gave Li Gong the name of golden shit, asked him to take out his belongings, confiscated his 100,000 won, and required his fingerprint to investigate. Li Gong strongly refused, he never liked others to touch him, even Zheng Taiyi would not work. Zheng Taiyi was too lazy to take care of it, and collected fingerprints simply and rudely. In the Korean Empire, Grandma Lu, who has been taking care of Li Gong, finds that Li Gun is gone, but she doesn’t know where he went, so please ask Li Zhanren to find a way to keep Li Gun away and stop playing. In the forest, Cao Ying led people to find the whereabouts of Li Gang. Li Gun disappeared here on the monitor. He also interrogated the two people he caught today and learned that the woman they chased was Luna. , Violence and other criminals are wanted criminals, but the police know nothing about her, the person Li Gun is chasing is likely to be Luna.

In the Republic of Korea, Li Gong was locked up and wanted Zheng Taiyi to give him a chair or cushion. He had never sat on the ground. Zheng Taiyi turned a deaf ear, and then the police station walked in with a man who looked exactly like Cao Ying. Here he was called Zuo Zixie, a social service volunteer. Li Gun recognized him as Cao Ying, but Zuo Zixie obviously thought he was a lunatic. Zuo Xixie said excitedly that he liked the horse outside, and also saw the watch where Li Gun was put away. Li Gun said that this was to celebrate the first victory of his horse, Massimos. The two made The only watch in the world is accurate to no error. Zheng Taiyi urged Zuo Xixie to leave work, and Li Gong solemnly asked Zheng Taiyi to put his watch on a blank sheet of paper, which was never placed on the floor. Zuo Xixie and Zheng Taiyi looked at him pitifully, and it seemed that he was seriously ill. The search team Jinglan told Zheng Taiyi exactly the identity of Li Gang. Perhaps he was a teenager who disappeared before registering his fingerprints, so he asked Zheng Taiyi to send his information to the female youth group. Zheng Taiyi had no choice but to go back silently. Li Gong knew that she had not found her fingerprint, which means that he came from another parallel time and space. Li Gun said to himself that the two didn’t exist in a world. It took a long time for him to find out that he had only Zheng Taiyi’s photo and birthday. Zheng Taiyi asked why he had his own photo, and who he was. Li Gong replied calmly, he often thinks of Zheng Taiyi, she looks better than the people in the photo. Cao Ying, the captain of the Royal Guard, was in his world just like them. Zheng Taiyi asked Li Gong to produce the evidence, but the evidence was in front of her. Li Gang introduced the theory of parallel space-time to Zheng Taiyi in detail, and Zheng Taiyi obviously did not believe it.

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In the Korean empire, Gu Ruili learned that Li Gang had run off again, but she was not worried that Li Gang had a woman, because if there was a woman around Li Gong, it must be her, and the whole country thought so. Zheng Taiyi reluctantly released Li Gong. Li Gong gave her a piece of paper and said that he could be contacted through this hotel. Just now Zuo Xie said that this hotel was near her house. Li Gong investigated Zheng Taiyi’s information clearly and learned that Zuo Zixie was her high school brother. Her father ran a taekwondo stadium. Zheng Taiyi said nothing, but this is a five-star hotel. Li Gong pulled a diamond from his clothes and said that he could raise money, but Zheng Taiyi obviously didn’t believe it, so let’s say that if it was a diamond, she would be Princess Diana. The two came to the jewelry store and learned that it was a fine diamond. Under the eyes of the boss, Zheng Taiyi showed police identification. Zheng Taiyi was full of curiosity about Li Gong. He stopped Zheng Taiyi from wanting her to leave. After all, he sought her for 25 years. Zheng Taiyi received the call from the witness and left quickly. Li Gong looked at the direction she left.

Li Gong called Zuo Zixie, and the two bought a lot of things and then came to this five-star hotel. They used their luxury goods to check the photos of Zuo Zixue when he was a child. Expectedly, exactly the same as Cao Ying when he was a child. Zheng Taiyi’s message was frantically beating on the phone screen, and Zheng Taiyi had to return the phone to him. Li Gong asked Matthew Sims to take care of Zheng Taiyi. I heard that she has a backyard. Zheng Taiyi’s sister and dad looked at the white horse in amazement, and Zheng Taiyi grabbed her hair and ran to the hotel, asking the front desk to hand over the note to Li Gong. If he didn’t show up in ten minutes, she would sell Maximus. Li Gong hurried downstairs in a hurry, saying that he would not stay here too long, and he must take care of Maximus before he returns. But Li Gong has not decided when to go back, he likes to stay with Zheng Taiyi. Zheng Taiyi looked at Li Gang’s new clothes and was speechless. He tied his hair anxiously and said he would take care of the horse.

In the next few days, Zheng Taiyi continued to receive boring calls from Li Gang while handling cases. At the same time, Li Lin lives as a layman in the temple. Minghao’s birthday today, his friends gave him a football, Minghao and his mother are sad, because he can not walk, sitting in a wheelchair all day long, these children obviously satire Minghao. When Minghao’s mother was sad, Li Lin came to her and said that his sister could make Minghao stand up, but she could pray to make the children lame. Soon, the three children were hit by the car. Song Jinghui came to mourn her dead son Li Zhixun, who is the wife of Li Lin in this world. Many years ago, Li Lin forced her to the corner. The police came to ask questions, and she recorded false statements to the police in order to survive. Zheng Taiyi went home to feed the horses after work, but Maximus was not interested in food. Zheng Taiyi found Li Gong with the help of Zuo Xixie, and learned that he had been checking materials in the bookstore these days. The women in the bookstore kept looking at him. The girls were even more displeased after Zheng Taiyi sat in front of Li Gang. Li Gong found that the world was presidential. Zheng Taiyi took him to the fried chicken restaurant. Li Gong refused to eat food that had not been tried poisonously, because if the thing was poisonous, these words would be his last words. Li Gong solemnly thanked Zheng Taiyi. He was not so lonely in the past 20 years because of her existence. Then, Li Gang went to death and ate the fried chicken in front of him, and found that it was delicious that he had never eaten. Li Gong found that the world where the two were in was gradually different from that of an emperor. He thought he had asked Grandma Lu to have two things. They were the two things he had quietly held in his hands after Li Lin killed his father. One was Zheng Taiyi. The other one is Wanbo Sidi, which is only half. Since then, Li Gun has a reason to survive. It’s just that Zheng Taiyi still doesn’t believe Li Gang’s words.

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In the Korean Empire, Cao Ying saw a person who wore a table exactly like the white rabbit and pocket watch mentioned by Li Gong, but was told by the other party that it was bought online. Cao Ying found Ming Shengya and offered to look at her camera, which contained photos of the rowing competition that day. Ming Shengya passed the camera in surprise. Cao Ying found that there were a lot of photos taken secretly. Cao Ying left his email address and asked Ming Shengya to send it over. Li Gong went to see Maximus and met Zheng Taiyi’s colleague Jiang Xinzhi at the police station. Zheng Taiyi opened the window and said that he would go down in a while. Li Gong was curious about Zheng Taiyi’s relationship with him, and the two experienced some unpleasantness. In 2006, Zheng Taiyi was still in high school. Because his father had a good heart, he always promised that children who came to learn Taekwondo would use eggs to make tuition, but it was totally impossible to pay the rent. So Zheng Taiyi had a good idea, sitting on the windowsill with long hair, deliberately attracting passing male high school students. The only thing attracted was Jiang Xinzhi. Jiang Xinzhi fell in love with Zheng Taiyi at first sight and came to learn Taekwondo deliberately.

Zheng Taiyi went downstairs to investigate the case, and Li Gong also wanted to go with him and was rejected. Zheng Taiyi went back halfway and returned. Li Gong still stood on the spot. After seeing Zheng Taiyi returning, she sadly told her that she could not treat herself like that. She was the only person she knew in this world. Zheng Taiyi was going crazy. Li Gong told her that he had picked up her certificate twenty-five years ago. The time for issuing the certificate was November 11, 2019. He waited a long time for that day. Zheng Taiyi still does not believe that she persuaded Li Gong to see a doctor. After all, he also has family members, and they must be very worried. However, Li Gong would have wrongly told Zheng Taiyi that he had no immediate family members. He made a decision to give Zheng Taiyi a position. Li Gong looked at Zheng Taiyi’s eyes and said, I want you to be my queen.

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