The King: The Eternal Monarch Episode 3 Recap

Zheng Taiyi sent a text message to Jiang Xianzhi and did not go to dinner with him and Zi Xie. Jiang Xinzhi was a little lost when he received the text message. In the face of Li Gang’s confession, Zheng Taiyi also proved that he was sincere with geometric theory. However, in Zheng Taiyi’s opinion, he was simply talking nonsense, running him around, and let Li gang take a look at the other world in his mouth, and never believed what his emperor or empress said.

Li Gong took Zheng Taiyi to the bamboo forest, and Zheng Taiyi went round and round, making Zheng Taiyi feel more like that, Li Gang is just playing by himself. Where is the door? Zheng Taiyi warned Li Gong for the last time that DNA would come out tomorrow. Even if he couldn’t find the relatives, he didn’t want to meet again, and told him to stop looking for Zi Xie. Li Gong told Zheng Taiyi that his parents had already passed away and there were no relatives.

Jiang Xinzhi went to Zheng Taiyi’s house and waited in the courtyard downstairs. After waiting a long time, he didn’t see Zheng Taiyi coming back. Thinking about the past, he was very unhappy. When he was about to leave, he saw Li Gong’s white horse. There was a pattern mark on the saddle that seemed familiar, and he quickly opened the small book, which also had a similar pattern on it.

In the Empire World, Prime Minister Gu Ruili presided over the holding of a cabinet parliament. Some members were reluctant to pay more to the treasury, raised prices and paid too little wages, etc., making troubles to enact a new law to reduce the annual fee of members of the parliament. Gu Ruili sneered at each other, and the royal family paid all of them in accordance with the law. He stunned each other. He was the prime minister of the empire, not a party representative of the ruling party, and served the entire nation.

In the world of the Republic of China, the newly arrived criminal policeman arrested a criminal, and the two returned to the police station with handcuffs. As a result, they all looked away and mistakenly thought that the newly arrived criminal policeman was a criminal because of his clothes. There is also a hairstyle, which is exactly the same as that of the underworld. The criminal policeman called Zhang Mi’er, using his baptismal name, self-reported identity, and asked everyone to call him Rose just as friends call him. Zheng Taiyi and others looked at him with such a big size, and even got the nickname of a rose, which was a bit stunned and funny.

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Someone took a bag of money and asked Jiang Xianzhi privately to want to bribe him. Jiang Xianzhi was rich in his family before, but later went bankrupt. After he became a criminal police, his life was stretched, but he was not caught by these The money was bought, warning the other party to leave. On the way back, Jiang Xianzai remembered that when he was an apprentice in Tae Kwon Do, Dad Zheng Taiyi, because he acted as a teacher to the children, because the actions were too brutal, the words always caused the children to be afraid. he.

Therefore, Dad Zheng suggested that he do something else, to be the man standing at the end of the evil road, and gave him a book of police civil servants, let him rely on the police academy to be a policeman. From where Li Xun asked Zheng Taiyi’s office phone, he called Zheng Taiyi again. Zheng Taiyi called him impatiently as golden shit, and hung up without saying a word.

In the imperial world, Grandma Shang Gong admitted Ming Shengya, the girl Cao Ying had been looking for during the dragon boat race, and arranged her to serve in the bulletin room. Ming Shengya asked Cao Ying to borrow a photo of Li Gong and his military uniform and posted it on the official account, which immediately attracted the attention of the people. Grandma Shanggong took out the police certificate of Zheng Taiyi kept by Li Gong, and asked Cao Ying to check the identity of Zheng Taiyi.

In the Republic of China world, Li Gang ’s DNA came out, and he did n’t find any identity information in the missing population bank. The horse was also checked, and no horse farm had stolen horses. They are of Spanish origin and are very precious. But now there is no such This is a precious variety. Zheng Taiyi was very shocked when he heard it. He was even more confused about Li’s identity and asked Li to come out to meet him.

Li Gong and Zheng Taiyi chatted about their imperial world. When their grandfather had a tense relationship with Japan, he established a constitutional monarchy and established a political center in Seoul. The royal palace was moved to Busan. The first to come forward to compete with the enemy, so the bronze statue of Zhongwu Gong is also in Busan. Zheng Taiyi did not credulously believe that it was edited by Li Gang.

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In the imperial world, Li Gun has always been puzzled by Li Lin’s death heart. Although the DNA and fingerprints are the same, he just doesn’t think it’s simple. He also told Cao Ying in private. Zheng Taiyi’s car went out of service on the road and broke down, and Li Gang picked up the phone when he called home. Li Gang guided Zheng Taiyi over the phone to check the cause of the failure, and arrived at the scene in ten minutes.

Li Lin went to the library to see his men and turned up a note in the book. It was the eyes of the imperial world that sent him a message and learned that the emperor Li Gang had left the palace. Li Gong took the half of the Wanbo Xidi to the bamboo forest, thinking about the changes of the palace when he was a child, and even more doubted that the reverse thief Li Lin might also rely on the other half of the Wanbo Xidi to travel between the two worlds. In these years, Li Lin, with his loyal men, has secretly gathered a group of dead people.

Zheng Taiyi and Jiang Xianzhi went deep into the enemy’s cave to investigate the case, and they fought with a group of obstructors. Li Gong stood beside him and watched. He also shot a head behind him who wanted to make a sneak attack, and taught the group of little cheers. After eating together for three days, Jiang Xianzhi sent Zheng Taiyi away, privately chatted with Li Gong about the white horse, and asked about the logo mark on the saddle. Li Gang told the truth that it was a mark of the Korean Empire in another world. Where can Jiang Xinzhi believe it? Zheng Taiyi learned from his friends that Li Gong was ready to go home. He might be able to return to his own world. He hurried back to his residence and took a look, but he didn’t see the white horse. Li Gang rode the white horse to the bamboo forest, passed the stone gate, and returned to the imperial world.

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