The Legend Of Jinyan Synopsis & Cast

Drama Info:

Title: The Legend Of Jinyan (凤归四时歌) Feng Gui Si Shi Ge
Episodes: 34
Release Date: June 17, 2020
Film Location: China
Summary: The drama is adapted from the novel “The Concubine Can’t Be Admired” by Wenqing Jiepei. It tells the story of the daughter of the general who approaches the new successor in order to rescue her sister who married for her. The two struggle and butt heads with one another eventually falling in love.

Plot Synoposis:

General Wen Su Jin is accused of marrying the current Prince Xiao Yu and Jin Wang Xiao Qi.

Older sister Wen Su Yu is forced to marry, and the Wen sisters become involved in the vortex of the battle of the throne and political struggles between the princes.

Wen Su Jin enters the Wang Mansion under a pseudonym to save her sister and in the process develops a complicated relationship with Prince Xiao Yu and Jin Wang.

Cast & Characters:
Xu Ya Ting

Xu Ya Ting 许雅婷 as Wen Su Jin & Jin Yan 闻素锦/锦言

Chen Jing Ke

Chen Jing Ke 陈靖可 as Xiao Yu 萧煜

Supporting Characters
Zhang He

Zhang He 张赫 as Xiao Qi 萧祁

Zhao Yao Ke

Zhao Yao Ke 赵尧珂 as Wen Su Yu 闻素语

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Drama Posters:
The Legend Of Jinyan Still 1
The Legend Of Jinyan Still 2
The Legend Of Jinyan Still 3
Chinese Drama The Legend Of Jinyan Still 4
Airing Schedule

Start: June 17, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Wednesday to Friday
End: July 23, 2020

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