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The Matchmakers

“The Matchmakers” is a South Korean TV series that falls under the genres of period drama and romantic comedy. It premiered on KBS2 on October 30, 2023, and is an ongoing series with a total of 6 episodes as of November 14, 2023. The show centers around a young widower named Shim Jung-woo, played by Rowoon, and a young widow named Jung Soon-deok, played by Cho Yi-hyun.

The plot revolves around their collaboration to arrange marriages for four young maidens representing the Joseon era. The series explores themes of love, matchmaking, and the social dynamics of the historical period.

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The Matchmakers Episode 5 Ending Explained


In “The Matchmakers” Episode 5, the ending brings a lot of suspense and intrigue. The episode focuses on various plot twists and revelations that add uniqueness to the story. Shim Jeong Woo and Yeojudaek, the main characters, are working hard to find suitable husbands for the Maeng sisters. However, things take a complicated turn as Jeong Woo’s execution is being planned by the Left State Minister and his wife. The episode leaves viewers with many questions about the fate of the Maeng sisters and whether Jeong Woo will fall into the trap set by the Left State Minister.

One significant part of the episode involves a sightseeing event where old bachelors are being sorted out for the maidens. The irony arises when these older bachelors express a preference for young and beautiful maidens, highlighting the hypocrisy of the male-dominated society of that time. Yeojudaek plays a crucial role in pacifying conflicts among the bachelors and using her matchmaking skills. The episode introduces potential matches for the Maeng sisters, but complications arise, leading to unexpected romantic connections and challenges.


The ending leaves viewers on a cliffhanger, raising questions about the real identity of Jeong Woo and the unfolding relationships. There’s a sense of impending danger for Jeong Woo, hinting at potential consequences for his efforts to help the king arrange the crown prince’s marriage. The episode’s conclusion sparks curiosity about the next developments and how long Yeojudaek can keep her true identity hidden from Jeong Woo.



The Matchmakers Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 of “The Matchmakers” is released on November 13, 2023 as part of the ongoing series on KBS2. The specific release date for next episodes can be checked through official announcements from the broadcasting network or reliable entertainment news sources.

Fans and viewers can anticipate the continuation of the storyline, character development, and the unfolding of romantic and comedic elements in this episode. To stay updated on the release date, it is recommended to follow the official channels of KBS2 or other platforms where the series is available for streaming.

The Matchmakers Episode 5 Cast


Actor/Actress Role
Rowoon Shim Jung-woo
Cho Yi-hyun Jung Soon-deok
Kim Hyun-mok Kim Oh-bong
Kim Geon-ho Yoo Eui-won
Kim Yeon-woo Shim Myung-woo
Lee Sang-gu Shim Jin-ho
Heo Nam-jun Jung Soon-gu
Bang Eun-jeong Gae Dong-yi
Park Ji-young Lady Park So-hyeon
Lee Hae-young Jo Yeong-bae
Lee Soon-won Park Bok-ki
Oh Ye-joo Jo Ye-jin
Kim Si-woo Jo Geun-seok
Park Seong-jin Jo In-hyeon
Yoon Yeo-won Jo In-guk
Kim Ga-young Sam-wol’s mother

The Matchmakers Episode 5 Plot

In Episode 5 of The Matchmakers, we dive into the story at Sunhwa Temple. Ye-jin’s lover is revealed to be Yoon Bu-kyum, a nobleman with a connection to farming. Jung-woo recognizes Soon-deok, and they engage in matchmaking activities, exploring places like the Pagoda of Love and the Wall of Darkness.

Challenges arise as they try to find suitable matches for the Maeng sisters, especially when old bachelors create a commotion. The episode unfolds with romantic tensions, complex dynamics between characters, and unexpected connections.

The Matchmakers Episode 5 Review

The Matchmakers Episode 5 offers a mix of romance, intrigue, and unexpected turns. The revelation of Ye-jin’s lover adds a new layer to the storyline, and the matchmaking activities at Sunhwa Temple bring both humor and challenges.

Soon-deok’s efforts to find matches for the Maeng sisters face obstacles, creating suspense and keeping viewers engaged. The episode also introduces complex relationships between Defence Minister Park, So-hyun, and Inspector Soon-gu, adding depth to the overall plot.

The Matchmakers Episode 5 Summary


In Episode 5, romantic developments take center stage as Ye-jin’s lover is disclosed, and Soon-deok and Jung-woo navigate the intricacies of matchmaking. The episode explores various locations within Sunhwa Temple, each contributing to the unfolding drama.

With moments of humor, tension, and unexpected connections, the plot thickens, leaving viewers anticipating the next steps in the characters’ relationships. The complex dynamics between key figures like Defence Minister Park and Inspector Soon-gu add layers to the storyline, promising an intriguing continuation of The Matchmakers series.

Where to Watch The Matchmakers Episode 5

“The Matchmakers” Episode 5 can be watched on KBS2, the original broadcasting network, which airs the series every Monday and Tuesday at 21:45 (KST) time slot. Additionally, for viewers outside South Korea, the episode is available for streaming on platforms like Viki and Viu in selected regions. Fans can access these platforms to catch up on the latest episodes and enjoy the unfolding drama, romance, and comedy of “The Matchmakers.” Make sure to check the availability and regional restrictions on these streaming services to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

The Matchmakers Trailer

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