The Pros and Cons of Gambling on Non Gamstop Sites

To a bettor and fan of gambling, there is nothing like the adrenaline you get while making a bet. The emotional rollercoaster of making a bet, waiting for its ultimate outcome and seeing the top result can be a thrilling sensation unlike any other. To some, there is nothing like logging into their favorite football betting sites not on Gamstop and spending some time wondering which would be the best winning option: Put your money where your mouth is and bet on your favorite team. Or, on the other hand, follow the most logical path and bet on whoever is most likely to win?  

However, there is another side to the coin. Many people share another view on gambling, stating that they do not see the point in gambling. Furthermore, they will strongly argue against it, citing it as a gateway to compulsive behavior, addiction and financial turmoil. Sadly, this negative perception of betting is rooted in reality.

If there’s anything you can rely on in this life, taking anything to the extreme is never a good thing. Taking everything in moderation is key to avoiding future problems, and gambling is no exception to this golden rule. People unable to control their gambling habits have found themselves in deep financial and legal troubles due to unpaid debts, compulsive spending, theft and other irresponsible and reckless behavior. It is, therefore, in the public’s best interest to ensure that all help is effectively provided whenever someone cannot fully control their gambling habits.  

This is where Gamstop drops in. Gamstop was designed primarily as a social program to help those suffering from gambling issues. However, is this program effective? Is it helping people suffering from gambling issues? Let’s find out.

What is Gamstop?

Before reflecting on the pros and cons of non-Gamstop sites, first, it is necessary to understand the primary purpose of Gamstop appropriately and whether it managed to achieve its goal.


The main question here is: What is Gamstop? For many UK residents somewhat familiar with betting, the answer must be evident to you. Nevertheless, for those unfamiliar with the subject matter, let us shed some light on the matter. 

Gamstop is a non-profit, free service operated by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited. This program is available for United Kingdom, Wales and Northern Ireland residents. Its main goal is to provide online gambling users with a free self-exclusion service for whoever wishes to stop online gambling. All that is required is for the user to sign up to Gamstop and input their name, address and postcode, date of birth, email addresses and mobile numbers used. Once done, the user receives an email confirming their registration. The user also chooses the total self-exclusion period, which may last for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years, depending on which option the user selects.

Once selected and effectively excluded, the user may not change their mind and simply turn off Gamstop. Once the exclusion period has started, the user cannot access any Gamstop-operated online gambling sites. However, one key aspect regarding Gamstop’s impact on the UK’s gambling business is that all of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s online gambling sites must officially subscribe to the Gamstop program to obtain a legal license. 

However, many people still opt for another option, playing in non-Gamstop online casinos, to bypass restrictions from the Gamstop program. It is natural for people to fear non-Gamstop sites being illegal. They are, however, perfectly legal as these non-Gamstop casinos simply have their gambling license offshore, that is, outside the UK.

Advantages of non-Gamstop online casinos

Non-Gamstop online casinos have various advantages not shared by their Gamstop counterparts. 

First, non-Gamstop casinos are not restricted or controlled by governments or official organisms. Technically, the user is free to gamble to their heart’s desire, although the best casinos will enforce ethical etiquette and promote healthy gambling habits. 

Since these gambling sites are not subjected to taxation, they can offer enticing welcoming bonuses and loyalty rewards unavailable to Gamstop-sponsored sites. You are therefore given free spins, welcome bonuses and further rewards. Just make sure to always read the fine print in the terms and conditions agreement to make sure you do not come across any unwanted surprises.

Whereas Gamstop gambling sites do not offer barely any options regarding currency and deposits, plenty of non-Gamstop sites allow depositing various types of money such as e-wallets, credit or debit cards and even cryptocurrency. Crypto is especially popular amongst bettors as it offers complete anonymity.

Cons in non-Gamstop sites

Regardless of all of the pros regarding non-Gamstop gambling sites, there are still specific issues regarding non-Gamstop you should be aware of.

First and foremost, you must arrange a heart-to-heart with yourself on whether you actually might have a gambling problem. If you are using non-Gamstop sites to bypass restrictions set to help you overcome gambling addiction issues, then you must take the necessary steps to solve this problem rather than avoid it. Make sure to find a good support group, set up a gambling budget, play only for fun and not as a source of income, but most importantly, take breaks with other activities. 

Secondly, always ensure the non-Gamstop online casino of your choice is reliable and trustworthy. Make sure always to take a good look at reviews shared by other bettors to check the reliability of this casino. You should always look for the casinos’ licenses; always read terms and conditions before depositing any actual quantity; and most importantly, always inform yourself of other users’ experiences to make certain bonuses and random number generators – RNG – are reliable. Just like you can find plenty of trustworthy sites, you may also fall into many scams if you’re not careful, and sometimes, all it takes is a single bad experience to sour your whole non-Gamstop gambling experience.   

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