The Song of Glory Episode 32

The Song of Glory, during the Song period of Southern Dynasty in China, there were many social problems and disadvantages emerging and accumulating. The State Supervisor Liu Yikang (acted by Qin Hao) was still inexperienced and unfamiliar with the politics of the country; therefore, he chose to hide himself silently. Meanwhile, the Heroine Lige (acted by Li Qin) took advantage of the concubine’s birthday feast and danced at the feast in an attempt to assassinate Liu Yikang. However, she became the very person both Liu Yikang and the famous Criminal Lu Yuan competed for in order to achieve their perspective targets. Coincidentally and mistakenly, Lige became the eldest daughter of the General Shen family and was designated to marry Liu Yikang.

This is The Song of Glory Episode 32 official youtube

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