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Thursday’s Widows Review: Bizarre Thriller About Pretentious Wealthy People

Thursday’s Widows Review: Also known as Las Viudas de Los Jueves, the Netflix show stars Omar Chaparro as Tano Scaglia, Irene Azuela as Teresa Scaglia, Cassandra Ciangherotti as Mavi Guevara, Juan Pablo Medina as Ronnie Guevara, Alfonso Bassave as Gustavo Maldonado, Sofía Sisniega as Carla Maldonado, Pablo Cruz Guerrero as Martin de la Luna III, Mayra Hermosillo as Lala de la Luna, Gerardo Trejoluna as Ernesto Andrade, Zuria Vega as Mariana Andrade, along with Vince Balanta, Adrian Rossi, Sasha Gonzalez, Diego Bernal, and others. The Mexican thriller is based on Claudia Piñeiro’s book called Thursday Night Widows. It is directed by Humberto Hinojosa Ozcariz.

There are 6 episodes of 47 minutes approximately. The series has English subtitles, and it is also dubbed in English.

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Thursday’s Widows Review Contains Mild Spoilers

The Netflix series is set in an exclusive countryside place called Altos de la Cascade amidst the luscious greenery. We meet different wealthy families – the Scaglias, Guevaras, de la Lunas, Maldonado, and the Andrades. A day after Christmas, Tano, Martin and Gustavo are found dead inside the pool of the Scaglia family. Is it a murder or just an accident? What are the hidden secrets buried beneath the glamorous and rich life of this “peaceful community”? We find out answers in the end.

The idea of three rich men lying dead in a swimming pool as their wives enjoy dinner outside, unaware of their unfortunate fate, sounds good in theory. It would’ve also made for a good series if the execution was solid and gripping. Netflix’s Thursday’s Widows comes off as ridiculous from the first episode itself. The ladies called themselves “Thursday Widows” because they spent the day together without their husbands.

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Everyone behaves like they are super wealthy and lying on a bed full of cash. However, the men have no jobs. Mavi, the narrator of the show, earns money by working as a real estate agent in Altos de la Cascade. Her husband, Ronnie, is jobless and grows weeds at his house. If it’s an exclusive community where the people decide who gets to reside, how does Mavi afford such a rich lifestyle?


Gustavo Maldonado buys a lavish house in the circle as a surprise gift for his wife, Carla. But he has his struggles which require no sympathy. The first episode ends with the expected deaths of Tano, Martin and Gustavo. After that, each episode is focused on one family member exposing the facade of their so-called wealthy lifestyle. How are the wives unaware of what’s happening with their husbands? Why can’t the men communicate about their situation to their wives? How can they afford drinks, food and parties while struggling financially?

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Logic isn’t applied in Netflix’s Thurday’s Widows and also by the men who are found dead. The most ridiculous story is about Ernesto and Mariana Andrade. Ernesto is a surgeon who “fixes” his wife by giving her breast implants and a better body. Gustavo Maldonado is equally disgusting. Mavi, who acts like a know-it-all and claims she can read a person’s eyes and understand what’s happening, fails even to get a whiff of what might happen on December 26th.

The stories about these families are lame and typical: a cheating wife or an abusive husband. A wife complains about moving somewhere else for a “better” life. Their children are getting their hands on drugs and being spoiled. And, of course, lots of sex. The sex scenes mostly seem forced and add nothing significant to the story.

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Thursday’s Widows Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the new Mexican series is a bizarre crime thriller about pretentious people. The weak narrative and shallow characters don’t interest you. The last episode, especially the last 20 minutes, were hasty and laughable.

The series is now streaming on Netflix.

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