TikTok AI Yearbook Trend, What Is AI Yearbook Trend On TikTok?, How To Do The AI Yearbook Trend On TikTok?

What is AI Yearbook Trend on TikTok?

The AI Yearbook Trend on TikTok is when people use a clever computer tool called artificial intelligence (or AI) to make their photos look old-fashioned, like they’re from a high school yearbook a long time ago, maybe even in the 1990s. It’s like a fun way to turn your regular pictures into something nostalgic and cool. Loads of folks on TikTok and other social apps are giving it a try, and it’s spreading like wildfire.

They take these new-looking photos and share them with their friends, and everyone loves how it feels like a blast from the past. So, in a nutshell, the AI Yearbook Trend is all about using AI to make your photos look old-school and retro, and it’s become super popular on TikTok and other social media because it gives photos a unique and nostalgic vibe that people really enjoy.

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How to do the AI Yearbook Trend on TikTok?

Here are the steps to follow if you want to try the AI Yearbook Trend on TikTok:

Get the App

First, you need to find and download an app called Epik. You can find it in the app stores on your phone. This app is where the magic happens.

Open the App

Once you’ve downloaded Epik, open the app on your phone.

Find the AI Yearbook Filter

Look around in the app until you find something called “AI Yearbook.” This is the special filter that will turn your photos into yearbook-style pictures.


Take 8-12 Selfies

Use the app to take 8 to 12 pictures of yourself. Make sure your face is clear in the photos. Don’t wear hats, glasses, or other things that cover your face.


Choose Your Gender

The app might ask you to pick if you’re a boy or a girl for the yearbook style.

Pay (If Needed)

Some versions of the app might cost money, usually between $5.99 to $9.99. If it costs, you’ll need to pay to use the yearbook filter.

Wait for Processing

The app will process your photos. It might take a little time, depending on how fast you want it done.

Customize Your Photos

After the app is done, you can make your yearbook photos look even cooler by adding frames and filters. You can play around with these options.

Finish and See the Results

When you’re happy with your photos, press a button that says “Process.” This will give you your final yearbook-style images.


Tips to remember before using the App

Here are some important things to remember before using the app for the AI Yearbook Trend:

  • Make sure your selfies clearly show your face without anything covering it like hats or glasses.

  • Avoid using extreme close-up photos, full-body shots, or group pictures, as they might not work well.

  • Try to use pictures with different angles, facial expressions, and backgrounds for more variety in the results.

  • Don’t use black and white photos because the app might not recognize your facial features correctly.

  • Do not upload pictures of children; the app is meant for adults.


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