Tim Drake Confirms Why It Took Him So Lengthy To Come Out

Tim Drake idolized Batman and sought him out to develop into his new Robin. However being a vigilante additionally made it troublesome for Tim to return out as bisexual.

Warning! Spoilers for DC Pleasure: Tim Drake Particular #1 forward!

It is laborious being Robin, and it has been much more troublesome for Tim Drake has he is come to phrases along with his personal sexuality. After having come out as bisexual not too long ago, Tim reveals why he did not do it sooner.

Out of the entire Robins, Tim Drake is most unusual for being the one one who sought Bruce Wayne out. After Jason Todd died by the hands of the Joker, Tim Drake deduced the reality about Bruce Wayne being Batman. He knew that Batman at all times wanted a Robin and implored ex-Robin Dick Grayson to return to the function. However Dick had develop into Nightwing and had no intentions of returning to Batman’s facet. As an alternative, Tim Drake took up the job and have become an instantaneous fan favourite character.


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Lately, Tim Drake has come out as bisexual within the DC Universe. The recently-released DC Pleasure: Tim Drake Particular #1 contains a reprint of the story “A Carol of Bats” by Megan Fitz Martin and Alberto Jimenez Albuquerque, which initially appeared in Batman: City Legends #10. Within the story, Tim really offers with the awkward dialog of speaking about his sexual identification with Batman. He explains that he is not at all times identified who he was, however being Robin has numerous time consuming obligations. Tim reveals, “It is laborious to have private enlightenment if you’re battling super-villains in tights each evening.”

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Having romantic entanglements is a reoccurring theme in superhero comics for a variety of causes. There may be the hazard side, that heroes are afraid villains will discover out who they’re and assault those they love. Then there may be the sensible time side. It is laborious for heroes to dedicate their time to somebody when they’re out combating crime. Tim provides one other facet to this dilemma. It is not that he is afraid to place individuals in peril or does not have the time, it is that he’s nonetheless not sure with who he’s as an individual. Being Robin is such an outward distraction that he by no means had the possibility for inward reflection.

This characterization of Robin extends manner past simply having him come out as bisexual. It reveals that it isn’t so simple as the editors at DC simply deciding he’s bi. It reveals that Tim Drake himself has wrestled with this facet of himself for a very long time. Being a vigilante and conserving Gotham’s streets protected is a full-time job. However these heroes are nonetheless individuals with their very own inner struggles and conflicts. Tim Drake has failed in that private reflection due to his duties as Robin and now he is taking the brave step to try to consolidate the 2.

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