Times (2021) Cast & Summary

“Times” is a thriller fantasy political drama of OCN.

Lee SeoJin (“Damo”, “Marriage Contract”, “Trap”), Lee JooYoung (“Weighlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo”, “The Ghost Detective”, “Itaewon Class”), and Kim YeongCheol (“Iris”, “The Princess’ Man”, “The Innocent Man”, “My Country”, “Royal Secret Agent”) are the lead actors.

Lee JooYoung has gained a lot of popularity with her character in the hit drama “Itaewon Class”. She is a rising actress to have an eye on. In this drama, she is acting with veteran actors.

Times (2021)


  • Title: Times / 타임즈
  • Director: Yoon JongHo
  • Writer: Lee SaeBom, Ahn HyeJin
  • Network: OCN
  • Runtime: From Feb. 20
  • # of Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Thriller, Fantasy, Political
  • Language: Korean


A reversed past and a murdered president! It is the time warp political mystery drama of two reporters who are facing the false facts made by the powerful.


Lee SeoJin as Lee JinWoo

He is a reporter and the head of the press “Times” in 2015.

Lee JooYoung as Seo JungIn

She is a passionate reporter working for “DBS” in 2020 and is the daughter of president Seo KiTae.

Kim YeongCheol as Seo KiTae

He is the president in 2020 and a former reporter.


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