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Timothy Thatcher’s Relationship With Triple H: An Shocking Update

Since being released from WWE in January, Timothy Thatcher has been on a tear in Pro Wrestling NOAH. Thatcher, who has been undefeated since his debut in June, will face GHC Heavyweight Champion Kaito Kiyomiya on Thursday. Thatcher discussed his current run in NOAH, as well as his time in WWE’s developmental system, NXT, and the independent scene, in an interview.

Hausman inquired about Thatcher’s connection with present WWE Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque, who was in charge of NXT at the time Thatcher was wrestling and tutoring there. Thatcher claims that they don’t talk much these days because Levesque is so preoccupied with his new responsibilities. While we were there, his and my relationship was obviously a boss-employee one, said Thatcher.

He’s a very nice man who has been very generous to me. As per Thatcher, everybody in WWE was nice to him, and he was grateful for his time there. Thatcher mused, “Once you leave a place, that’s in the past now,” and if our paths crossed again, “we’ll have discussions again.” But now that he’s in charge of everything, he’s got a lot on his plate. He now has a significant task ahead of him.

As a result, he doesn’t need to hear from me. WWE Creative Director Levesque is currently in charge, while his wife Stephanie McMahon is chairwoman and shares the CEO position with WWE President Nick Khan.

What’s the release of NXT Europe?

In August, WWE announced the release of NXT Europe. The new brand, which is set to launch in 2023, aims to include more Pan-European countries. WWE recently held its third-quarter earnings call, during which Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque provided additional insight into the concept behind the shift and also why WWE NXT UK was closed down. 


We wanted to replicate what we were doing in the US when we started NXT UK, and we got a good start on it until COVID came along and slowed everything down, forcing us to rethink it. So we got to the point where we were ready to go again, but it’s difficult to rebrand and reboot something while it’s still running, according to Levesque. As a result, we turned it off. As Europe evolves and grows, I believe we will see it mimicking a bit more of what we see in the United States. 

The brand, like the US, intends to serve as a feeder system for WWE, trying to recruit athletes from all over Europe & developing them for the main roster. Furthermore, the localised presence allows them to attract players from outside the continent, such as South Africa and India. It is extremely hard for us to find athletes and bring them to the United States to start training. It’s a lengthy process for us.

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