Tips & Tricks to Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Sister

If you have gift fear, you’re not alone. Although Christmas is a time of joy and magic, it can also fill many of us with dread. The thought of finding the perfect gift for everyone is enough to strike fear into many of our hearts. We’re often left with questions like, what if they don’t like it? What if they already have it? Or, worse – what if they return it? 

Sisters can be notoriously difficult to shop for. So if you don’t want to risk a sneaky exchange, here’s how to gift your sister that perfect present.

Gifting is Personal

No two people are the same, and no two gifts are the same either. You wouldn’t gift your sister the same thing you would gift your dad. And when you have a million people to think about at Christmas – not the mention, the food, wine, and family on top of everything else – it can be tempting to go for the first gift idea you see and call it a day.

But don’t worry – finding the best gift ideas for your sister doesn’t have to be a headache.

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Sister


Think About Your Relationship

Everyone’s relationship with their sister will be different. Whether she’s your younger sister or older, finding the perfect present might be a challenge. A good starting point is to think about your relationship. Does she make you laugh? Are you more likely to share deep, meaningful conversations? This will help inform what kind of present you’ll get her.

Make a List

Start thinking about all the things your sister likes. Is she into makeup, or is she a total geek? Make a list of all the things she enjoys, from her favorite TV shows and movies to her favorite types of foods. Does she like chocolate, or is she more of a savory gal?

Does your sister read? Does she prefer video games? 

Set a Budget

It can be easy to get carried away when it comes to gift-giving, especially at Christmas. You might be tempted to go for the most expensive present available, but a lot of the time, this doesn’t mean it’s the best gift for the person you’re buying for. Or, you might be worried that your sister will spend more on you than you on her. 

There’s one easy way to get around that. Set a budget. Sit down with your sister and decide on an amount you’re happy to spend on each other. That way, you can pick a present in both of your price ranges, without worrying about what the other had bought. Take the stress out of shopping.

Theme It

You don’t just have to think about items she likes or the hobbies she’s into. Does your sister have a favorite color? Or does she love all things star-themed? Picking one theme and basing all your presents off it is a great idea. She’ll see at once how much thought you’ve put into her presents this year and how much you mean to her.

Take stars, for example. Go for star-themed bedsheets, star jumpers, star notebooks, star maps and more! The possibilities are endless.

Presentation is Key

Don’t forget all the trimmings – wrapping paper, Christmas cards, ribbons, the works! Or would she prefer something simpler? It’s all about what speaks to your sister.

Go Personal

If you want to spoil your sister with a gift she’ll never forget this year, why not go for something personal? There is a range of personalized gifts on the market, from art prints to mugs, to engraved keychains. 

Contrary to popular belief, personalized presents don’t have to be expensive, either. A personalized item shows you’ve gone that extra mile to think about her, even if it’s something as simple as picking up a coaster with her name on it.

Find the Perfect Gift with Printed Memories

Printed Memories doesn’t just offer amazing, personalized gifts such as star maps and city prints. They also offer in-depth gift guides for all different types of people, occasions, and budgets. So if you’re stuck on finding that perfect gift, they’ve got you covered. They have a range of great gift ideas for your sister this Christmas.

Wrapping Up

There’s no clear-cut way to find the perfect gift for your sister. In truth, it needs to come from your heart. Spend time thinking about what she loves, from TV shows she adores to books she reads, and pick the gift that jumps out at you. You’re sure to find something special she’ll never forget.


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