To know about solar energy

One energy that never runs out. An energy that is the origin of the world and an energy that is immense. That energy is “sunlight” that radiates from the sun. The major stars in the solar system thus become two energy sources from the Sun. which our world is indispensable.

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  1. Light energy
  2. Thermal energy

These two energies, of course, came in the form of a fiery radiance, shining directly to drive darkness into the world during the day. to open the phenomenon cycle Many natural responses to be able to drive the mechanism accordingly the nature of the world as usual or even at night The sun still shines reflecting the rays through the moon come to the earth to open the cycle of the phenomenon nature in the dark Naturally, it controls the world to rotate so that all areas of the world Both these forms of energy can be received and felt by the sun. For what part of the world receives little energy from the sun? That part of the world will have very little life.

Solar energy is not limited to natural use only. Because such energy is plentiful and sufficient for everything in need. earth energy So many humans and creatures Therefore, it has evolved to bring solar energy to use in various forms. according to the purpose of living beings (Life uses reason), especially humans who benefit from solar thermal energy, such as eliminating wetness. Methods for preserving or cooking food and needs in many other industries, etc.

The next energy that we benefit immensely from the sun is electric power generation which is the transformation of the sun’s light energy into equipment into electrical energy that we can utilize immensely and various mechanisms, command and control systems until it can be said that Electric power is intertwined with human daily life to the economy. Whether it’s the industry, agriculture, and all management in the world. And the solar electricity we’re talking about. It has properties that are not different from the electric energy obtained from the crossing of the magnetic field (Generator), which is a process for generating electrical energy in a non-consumable form, such as building a dam to produce electricity from hydropower. or burning biomass energy like coal to obtain steam to produce electrical energy All of these methods have high production costs. And in some ways, electricity has an impact on nature. and poisoning the environment.

Therefore, converting solar energy into electrical energy that we are talking about means solar cells or photovoltaic cells. (Photovoltaic Cell) that can convert sunlight into electricity. This solar cell invests less And invests only once, but can generate electricity without affecting nature or the environment for up to 20 years (or maybe more), making solar panels widely popular from all over the world. Including many industrial sectors that focus on abundant energy such as solar becoming a cost-effective alternative energy. To replace the electricity generated from the method that requires a high investment. And it causes the value of energy to continue to rise, creating a problem and burdening electricity users and the government sector. Until it is a chronic energy crisis and difficult to provide a sustainable remedy. As a result, the installation of solar cells has become more and more popular.


A solar cell is a system module that can absorb energy. from the sun in order to convert it into electrical energy The device will have The property of converting light energy or photons. Is electrical energy directly through solar cells or photovoltaic (PV), which this device not only generates electrical energy from sunlight, but can also receive other light such as fluorescent light, fluorescent light. Lanterns or other artificial lighting devices illuminating can be used to produce electricity as well


In a solar cell, it has the property of pressure resistance. and the current that changes when the light hits the device Therefore, there is no need to rely on other power sources. The power generation system relies on the source of energy from solar radiation. or a light source other than the sun The solar cell must have 3 basic properties:

  1. It can absorb light to form electron-hole pairs. or excitron
  2. Able to separate charge carriers of different types
  3. Can prevent the separation of the charge carrier to the external circuit.

When understanding that solar energy is very useful. Deciding to use solar energy By installing solar cells, it is a good alternative to use natural energy.


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