Toilet Tower Defense Tier List 2023 and Ranking

Toilet Tower Defense

Toilet Tower Defense is a popular tower defense game available on the Roblox platform. In this game, players are tasked with defending their territory against waves of attacking toilets. Inspired by the Skibidi toilet meme, Toilet Tower Defense offers a humorous and unique gameplay experience.

In the game, players can build towers, complete quests, and play various games to enhance their defenses. The goal is to strategically place units and towers to fend off the toilet enemies and prevent them from reaching your base.

Toilet Tower Defense also features codes that players can redeem for in-game rewards such as coins, luck boosts, and summons. These codes can provide valuable resources that help players strengthen their army and improve their chances of success in the game.

The game has gained popularity for its entertaining gameplay, cute Roblox characters riding on toilets, and the challenge of strategically defending against waves of toilet enemies. Players can explore cooperative battles and enjoy the variety of units available in the game.

If you’re a fan of tower defense games and enjoy a touch of humor, Toilet Tower Defense might be a game worth checking out. Remember to stay updated with the latest codes to maximize your rewards and enhance your gameplay experience.

Toilet Tower Defense Tier List 2023 Guide

“Toilet Tower Defense” stands out as a beloved tower defense game that adds a delightful twist with its comical toilet theme. Within the game, players encounter an array of unit types, each possessing distinct strengths.


For those seeking guidance, we’ve meticulously crafted a TTD tier list and TTD value list encompassing all in-game units. These rankings meticulously evaluate their performance, segmenting them into tiers reflective of their overall effectiveness. Below is an overview of the tier classifications:

  • S+ Tier: Overwhelmingly Powerful
  • S Tier: Exceptionally Strong
  • A Tier: Highly Effective
  • B Tier: Moderately Effective
  • C Tier: Below Average Performance
  • D Tier: Lacking in Utility


Toilet Tower Defense Tier List 2023

The “Toilet Tower Defense” Tier List provides insights into the game’s unit rankings, shedding light on their relative strengths. As players seek an advantage, it’s essential to grasp where each unit stands. Here’s an overview of the tier classifications and their respective units:

S+ Tier – Overpowered

  • Upgraded Titan Speakerman
  • Titan Cinema Man
  • Upgraded Titan Cameraman

S Tier – Very Strong

  • Ninja Cameraman
  • Laser Cameraman Car
  • Camera Helicopter
  • Scientist Cameraman
  • Medic Cameraman

A Tier – Good

  • Jetpack Cameraman
  • Engineer Cameraman
  • Dark Speakerman
  • Titan TV Man
  • Titan Cameraman
  • Secret Agent
  • Camera Repair Drone
  • Titan Speakerman
  • Mech Cameraman

B Tier – Average

  • Titan Cameraman
  • Secret Agent
  • Camera Repair Drone
  • Titan Speakerman
  • Mech Cameraman

C Tier – Weak

  • TV Woman
  • Large TV Man
  • Large Cameraman
  • Surveillance Camerawoman
  • Speaker Helicopter
  • TV Man
  • Large Speakerman

D Tier – Useless

  • Large Scientist Cameraman
  • Car Speakerman
  • Speakman
  • Camerawoman
  • Cameraman

Toilet Tower Defense Gameplay

Toilet Tower Defense is a tower defense game where players must strategically defend their territory against waves of attacking toilets. The gameplay revolves around placing towers and units strategically to prevent the toilets from reaching your base.

The game offers a variety of units and towers with different abilities and strengths. Players can choose from a range of options to build their defense and maximize their chances of success. As the game progresses, the waves of toilet enemies become more challenging, requiring players to continuously upgrade and adapt their defenses.

Toilet Tower Defense also features quests, codes, and updates that enhance the gameplay experience. Completing quests can provide rewards and resources to strengthen your army. Codes can be redeemed for in-game rewards, such as coins and luck boosts, which help players progress faster. Updates introduce new features, units, and adjustments to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

One notable aspect of the game is its humorous and lighthearted theme. The idea of defending against attacking toilets adds a fun and unique twist to the traditional tower defense genre. The game’s visuals and animations further contribute to the entertaining gameplay experience.

Toilet Tower Defense is designed for multiplayer interaction, allowing players to team up and cooperate in battles. This adds a social element to the game, where players can strategize and work together to defend against the waves of toilet enemies.

Toilet Tower Defense offers an enjoyable and engaging tower defense experience with its unique theme, diverse units, and strategic gameplay. It combines elements of humor, strategy, and multiplayer interaction to create a fun and addictive gaming experience for players.

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