Top 10 Iconic Tweets By AleXa That Had Us Falling For Her Even Harder

Fans who have been with AleXa for a while now, know exactly how endearing and hilarious of a woman she is and that is definitely part of the reason why she is so deeply beloved. AleXa’s sense of humour is defined by GEN Z relatability, pure, unadulterated chaos, and impeccable meme-ing skills. While V-Lives, Instagram Lives, variety shows, and more are amazing platforms for us to witness her comedic greatness, AleXa’s Twitter account is just as fun, if not more!

Here are our picks for the top 10 AleXa tweets that live in our minds rent-free!


1. Purple Sweet Potato Knees


2. AleXa’s Admitted Duality


3. Making Anime References


4. Dissing A.I. Troopers Like A Boss



6. The Queen Of Self-Love



8. Petition To Have AleXa In Season 2 Of “Squid Game”


9. The Aftermath Of Blonde AleXa Era 


10. Megan!

Are you following AleXa on Twitter yet? If not, you’re missing out! Share your favourite AleXa tweet in the comments section down below!


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