TOP 100 Most Popular Kpop Boy Group Members in July 2023

On July 15, the Korean Business Research Institute released the latest rankings for the most well-known members of Kpop boy groups in July 2023. Below, you can explore the list of the most popular Kpop group members who earned a position in the top 100 individual Kpop boy group member brand reputation rankings for July 2023.

Top 100 Brand Reputation Rankings for Most Popular Boy Group Members in July 2023

Most popular Kpop boy group members in May, June, and July 2023. | Brikorea.
Most popular Kpop boy group members in May, June, and July 2023. | Brikorea.

The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed big data of boy group members collected from June 15 to July 15, 2023. The institute extracted 84,273,197 brand data records from 703 individual boy group members. However, there was an 18.05 percent decrease compared to 102,839,097 boy group brand data in June.

The institute conducted a comprehensive analysis using big data of Kpop boy group members to determine the brand reputation rankings for individual members in July 2023. They analyzed consumer behavior factors such as brand participation, media coverage, communication, and community indexes.

According to the results, BTS’ Jungkook, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, BTS’ Jimin, BTS’ V, and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon dominated this month’s top five male group members.

Top 5 Popular Male Group Members

BTS’ Jungkook ranked first on the list of most popular individual Kpop boy group members in July 2023 with a brand value of 4,637,262. His brand value decreased by 1.83 percent compared to his brand value of 4,723,745 in June.


Moreover, in the link analysis, Jungkook’s top-ranking related terms were “release,” “announce,” and “bold.” In the keyword analysis, the singer had “Solo,” “Seven,” and “Twitter” as popular keywords. In addition, Jungkook scored a positive ratio of 90.82 percent in the positivity-negativity ratio analysis.


Moving up to second place was Wanna One’s Kang, with a 12.68 percent increase in brand value. His brand value increased from 3,969,492 in June to 4,472,880 in July.

In contrast, BTS’ Jimin dropped to third place this month with a brand value of 4,214,731. The singer’s brand value decreased by 21.06 percent from 4,214,731 in June.

BTS’ V also dropped to the fourth position this month with a brand value of 2,506,455. His brand value decreased by 38.45 percent from 4,072,023 last June.

Lastly, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon retained his fifth position this month. The singer completed the top five list with a brand value of 2,227,966 this month, which fell by 26.93 percent from 3,049,272 in June.

July 2023 Top 100 KPop Boy Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings

BTS’ Jungkook topped the July 2023 Kpop male group member brand reputation rankings. | Brikorea.
BTS’ Jungkook topped the July 2023 Kpop male group member brand reputation rankings. | Brikorea.
  1. BTS Jungkook
  2. Wanna One Kang Daniel
  3. BTS Jimin
  4. BTS V
  5. BIGBANG G-Dragon
  6. ASTRO Cha Eun Woo
  7. Wanna One Park Ji Hoon
  8. BTS J-Hope
  9. BTS Suga
  10. Wanna One and NU’EST Hwang Minhyun
  11. EXO Baekhyun
  12. Super Junior Kyuhyun
  13. BTS Jin
  14. BTS RM
  15. Super Junior Choi Siwon
  16. NCT Jaehyun
  17. SEVENTEEN Mingyu
  18. SHINee Taemin
  20. THE BOYZ Juyeon
  21. SHINee Minho
  22. SEVENTEEN Jeonghan
  23. Infinite Lee Sung Yeol
  24. 2PM Junho
  25. MONSTA X I.M
  26. SEVENTEEN Hoshi
  27. SEVENTEEN Wonwoo
  28. BIGBANG Taeyang
  29. ATEEZ San
  30. NCT Doyoung
  31. NCT Jungwoo
  32. WINNER Kang Seung Yoon
  33. Highlight Yoon Doojoon
  34. Super Junior Heechul
  35. NCT Jisung
  36. NCT Jaemin
  37. Highlight Yang Yoseob
  38. NCT Taeyong
  39. WINNER Song Mino
  40. SEVENTEEN Seungkwan
  41. NCT Mark
  42. WINNER Lee Seung Hoon
  43. Highlight Son Dong Woon
  44. SEVENTEEN S.Coups
  45. Wanna One Ong Seong Wu
  46. SHINee Key
  48. SEVENTEEN Joshua
  49. NCT Haechan
  50. NCT Jeno
  51. MONSTA X Minhyuk
  52. BTOB Lee Changsub
  53. THE BOYZ New
  54. EXO Suho
  55. WINNER Kim Jin Woo
  56. THE BOYZ Hyunjae
  57. Wanna One Kim Jae Hwan
  58. SEVENTEEN Woozi
  59. TVXQ Yunho
  60. MONSTA X Joohoney
  61. Highlight Lee Gikwang
  62. MONSTA X Hyungwon
  63. EXO D.O
  64. 2PM Wooyoung
  65. MONSTA X Shownu
  66. TVXQ Changmin
  67. SEVENTEEN Dino
  68. THE BOYZ Younghoon
  69. NCT Taeil
  71. BTOB Lee Min Hyuk
  72. Infinite Kim Sungkyu
  73. SEVENTEEN Vernon
  74. THE BOYZ Sunwoo
  75. Wanna One Ha Sung Woon
  76. MONSTA X Kihyun
  77. BTOB Yook Sung Jae 
  78. TXT Subin
  79. VIXX Leo
  80. BTOB Im Hyunsik
  81. Treasure Bang Yedam
  82. BTOB Seo Eunkwang
  83. TXT Yeonjun
  84. Infinite Nam Woohyun
  85. Teen Top Niel
  86. Wanna One Yoon Ji Sung
  87. SF9 Rowoon
  88. Stray Kids Hyunjin
  89. ENHYPEN Sunghoon
  90. Infinite Jang Dongwoo
  91. The BOYZ Q
  92. GOT7 Jinyoung
  93. Wanna One and AB6IX Park Woojin
  94. Wanna One and AB6IX Lee Daehwi
  95. EXO Kai
  96. ATEEZ Yunho
  97. ENHYPEN Sunwoo
  98. TXT Beomgyu
  99. ATEEZ Hongjoong
  100. BTOB Peniel

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