Top 3 Must-Watch Web Series in October 2023

Hey there, entertainment aficionados! If you’re like me, the start of a new month means a fresh search for the next binge-worthy show. It’s almost like a ritual—perusing through the labyrinth of shows across multiple streaming platforms, reading reviews, and asking friends for recommendations. With the endless options available, the whole process can become overwhelming pretty quickly. Don’t worry; I’ve got your back. Here’s the ultimate guide to the top 3 must-watch web series for October 2023. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

Why Web Series Matter

Evolution of Web Series

Gone are the days when web series were just five to ten-minute clips of sub-par content viewed on low-resolution computer screens. Today, Upcoming Webseries are essentially long-form narratives with high-quality production that rivals, and often surpasses, traditional television and even some Hollywood movies.

How Web Series Changed Entertainment

Web series have revolutionized how we consume media. Independent creators now have a platform to express their creativity without the need for massive budgets or approval from big studios. With web series, barriers are breaking down. This revolution means that diverse stories from all over the globe can reach a wider audience, democratizing the landscape of modern entertainment.

What Makes a Web Series “Must-Watch”

The market is flooded with web series these days, so what really makes a web series “must-watch?”


A must-watch series needs to have a compelling, engaging plot that not only grabs your attention but keeps you glued to your screen episode after episode. It should be intricate but not convoluted, with cliffhangers that leave you on the edge of your seat.


The characters should be well-rounded and multi-dimensional. Gone are the days when one-dimensional characters could captivate audiences. Now, viewers demand complexity in both protagonists and antagonists, creating more engaging and relatable narratives.



In a saturated market, originality can make or break a series. Whether it’s an innovative storytelling technique or an unusual setting, a unique angle can significantly enhance the show’s appeal.


Everything Now on Netflix

Plot Summary

Everything Now is an absorbing drama that explores the intricate and often volatile world of social media influencers. The plot delves deep into the impact of fame and public scrutiny on personal relationships and mental health.

Why It’s a Must-Watch

Everything Now transcends the usual tropes associated with dramas centered around the digital age. It serves as a cautionary tale that reveals the pitfalls and pressures of influencer culture while simultaneously providing an empathetic look at the characters’ struggles.

Loki Season 2 on Disney+

Plot Summary

The God of Mischief is back in Loki Season 2, and this time he’s on a quest for redemption. The storyline dives deeper into Loki’s complexities, as he finds himself in situations that challenge his morality and make him question his own nature. If you’re interested in catching up on Loki’s adventures from the beginning, Movies or Flicks is your go-to source

Why It’s a Must-Watch

If you are a Marvel fan, you already know the draw here. The series has the signature blend of action and humor you expect from Marvel. But it’s not just a fan-pleaser; it’s a well-crafted narrative with a philosophical undertone that ponders questions of fate, free will, and personal growth.

Everybody Loves Diamonds on Amazon Prime

Plot Summary

Set against the dazzling yet dark world of diamond trading, Everybody Loves Diamonds is a series that will make you question everything you thought you knew about the precious gemstone industry.

Why It’s a Must-Watch

This isn’t your standard drama. It’s a journey into a high-stakes world filled with intrigue, betrayal, and moral dilemmas. What sets this series apart is its layered characters and how the high-stakes business impacts their ethical boundaries.


October 2023 is shaping up to be an exceptional month for web series. Whether you’re drawn to the psychological implications of a life lived online in Everything Now, or you’re a Marvel aficionado eagerly awaiting Loki’s next move in Loki Season 2, or you’re captivated by the morally grey world of diamond trading in Everybody Loves Diamonds, these shows offer compelling plots, complex characters, and a touch of originality that make them absolute must-watches.


Is Everything Now suitable for all ages?

The show delves into mature themes, including the psychological toll of social media fame, making it more suitable for adult audiences.

Do I need to watch Loki Season 1 before diving into Season 2?

Watching Season 1 will undoubtedly provide you with essential background information, but Season 2 is crafted to be accessible even for newcomers.

Is Everybody Loves Diamonds based on true events?

While not directly based on real events, the series offers a compelling, realistic look into the world of diamond trading, making it feel incredibly authentic.

Which platforms are these series available on?

Everything Now is exclusive to Netflix, Loki Season 2 is on Disney+, and Everybody Loves Diamonds is available on Amazon Prime.

Are any of these series planning additional seasons?

All three series have been incredibly well-received, and while there’s no official word yet, there’s a good chance we might see additional seasons.


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