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Top 5 K-Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist This March 2022

With the new year, has come new K-Dramas and so far, 2022 seems to be a very promising year! March of 2022 will definitely be an exciting month for K-Drama fans who have been waiting for their favourite stars to return to the small screen. If you’ve been looking for a comprehensive list of dramas that should be on your watchlist for March, you’re in the right place!

Here are our top 5 K-Dramas that we definitely recommend for March of 2022!

Note: This watchlist includes dramas airing on Korean national television as well as Netflix, Disney+, and Apple+ original series.


Cast: SF9’s RoWoon, Kim HeeSun, Lee SooHyuk, Yoon JiOn

Summary: “Tomorrow” is the unique story of the Special Crisis Management Team of the Underworld who strive to prevent humans from committing suicide and a human who falls into a coma trying to do the same.

Reasons to Watch: With a star-studded cast, the refreshing dynamic of the Underworld and its operations are sure to arouse interest among viewers. It is also expected to be a healing drama and an educational one that deals with the importance of mental health awareness.


Top 5 K-Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist This March 2022


Cast: Youn YuhJungJeon YuNaJin HaLee MinHo, Kim MinHa

Summary: “Pachinko” follows a Korean immigrant family and their hopes, dreams, and aspirations across generations as they seek to survive in an unfamiliar environment in the middle of the Japanese occupation of Korea and the Second World War.

Reasons to Watch: “Pachinko” is a revolutionary piece of work that charts the history of the Korean people through the story of four generations of a Korean family. The drama was life-changing for the artists who worked on it and if you’re a fan of Korean art, culture, and entertainment, it is imperative that you watch “Pachinko”.


Top 5 K-Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist This March 2022


Cast: Kim JaeWook, Jung SooJung (f(x)’s Krystal)

Summary: “Crazy Love” is a drama that depicts a sweet, bloody, and crazy romance between a top math instructor who receives a death threat and his introverted secretary who doesn’t have long to live.

Reasons to Watch: With Kim JaeWook and Jung SooJung as the leads in this chaotic romantic comedy, expect a rollercoaster ride of love and reckless abandon that will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. Now, that is reason enough to add “Crazy Love” to your watchlist!


Top 5 K-Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist This March 2022


Cast: Park HyungSik, Han SoHee

Summary: “Soundtrack #1” is a romance music drama about a man and a woman who have been friends for 20 years and how they blur the lines of their friendship after living together for two weeks.

Reasons to Watch: The most beloved fan-favourite K-Drama trope of all time, “friends to lovers”, finds expression in “Soundtrack #1” and brings us a romance that will linger long after the drama is over. If you like mellow, slice of life or musical dramas, “Soundtrack #1” is just the one for you!


Top 5 K-Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist This March 2022


Cast: Seo HyunJin, Hwang InYoup, Bae InHyuk

Summary: “Why Her?” is a drama that depicts a painful, exciting, but warm love story about a man who has been wronged and a woman who is driven by the wrong reasons. They cross each other’s paths and change their lives forever as they heal their wounds and most importantly, learn to love themselves. 

Reasons to Watch: The intertwined lives of complex individuals in “Why Her?” make for a story that will most definitely leave an impression on viewers. From life lessons to healing, this drama has it all and you do not want to miss it.

Which K-Drama are you looking forward to the most in March of 2022? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!


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