Top Craft Beers On Drizly: Explore Unique Flavors From Around The World

Drizly is the major online platform for providing Alcoholic beverages in North America. It is a marketplace where people connect with different liquor stores to get unique flavors and drinks delivered to their doorstep by simply placing an order on the Drizly App. As the number of people on the app is growing day by day looking for alcoholic beverages, more liquor stores to increase revenue generation. It also offers to their customers to order their favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic products by simply clicking on their App. Drizly plays an intermediary role between the customers and alcoholic products till the order fulfillment of the customers.

Drizly provides various types of unique flavors of beers, wines, and liquors for retailers, producers, and consumers. It also partners with thousands of retailers in more than 1400+ cities to grow their business and customers take the best output from it. It is available to various numbers of customers across the US and Canada offering a better shipping experience to their customers.

Let’s Try Some Unique Flavours of Craft Beers From Drizly

As we know, Drizly provides unique flavors of Craft Beers for their customers. Some of the beers are described as follows:-

  • Yuengling Traditional Lazer Beer– Yuengling Traditional Lazer Beer is an iconic American Lager that is famous for its rich amber color and medium body unique flavor. This beer is made up of caramel malt, cluster hops, and corn grits and it also contains some cereals and their derivatives, barley and barley products. It also has 141 calories per 12oz. It also tries to deliver a well-balanced taste with a very distinct character. Always try to drink it as a chilled beer either to be drunk in a beer mug or directly from the bottle.
  • Lagunitas IPA Beer– Lagunitas IPA is a kind of craft beerthat is full of caramel malted barley that brings a special unique flavor to the beer. While others will bring a biscuity flavor that develops the taste of caramelized sugar. This craft beer is considered to be the unique version of the old style and also it is made up of 43 different hops and 65 various malts. It is full of notes of spice, caramel, and citrus fruit flavors. Always try to drink it as a chilled beer either to be drunk in a pint glass or from the sniffer.
  • Samuel Adams Seasonal Beer– This beer is generally a smooth German-style lager beer full of sweet roasted malts consisting of caramel, toffee, and piney citrus. Its taste is like it ends with a crispness that makes you want another drink. This is generally considered a seasonal beer.
  • Kona Big Wave Golden Ale Beer– This kind of beer is also a craft beer which is a very lighter body ale which is smooth, easy to drink, and refreshes our mind. Each 12-ounce serves 4.4% alcohol in its volume and 132 calories. This kind of beer refreshen the palate and its bright tropical flavors including mango and diced pineapple. It serves as a refreshing easy drink ale with a smooth texture than the other beers which are prevailing in the market. Always try to drink it in a mint glass by exploring better taste.

– Elysian Space Dust IPA Beer- Elysian Space Dust IPA Beer is a kind of craft beer that gives this beer a bright and milky way flavor. It is a pure energy flavor with chinook to make a bitter taste and also its dry additions of Citra. Its medium-bodied beer generally coats your mouth with both bitter and sweet tastes as it tastes like mango, grapefruit, and orange. It has 8.2% alcohol.

– New Belgium Fat Tire Ale Beer- This kind of craft beer is enjoyable and is very easy to drink and good to taste. It can also easily be paired with almost all types  of meal. It also has a perfect balance of malt that anyone can easily take. All people are advised to try this beer at least once in their life. This beer is light and golden in color. It uses an alcoholic beverage of at least 5.2%

– Victory Golden Monkey- Victory Golden Monkey Beer is a kind of beer whose taste is like a light clove and banana, some other fruit, and also a crispy bite at the end. It’s just similar to Belgian Ales. Its taste is bitter, hoppy, sweeter, slightly fruity, honey, banana, dried fruit, etc. In this beer, it is full of dissolved sugar which is enriched in taste, smooth and soft, medium to fine, etc.




So, Drizly provides various kinds of unique flavors of beer to their customers. If you want to explore more craft beers, kindly visit drizly.


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