TREASURE’s “J-Line” Member Yoshi Reveals He’s Actually Korean-Japanese—Here’s What He Said About It


TREASURE‘s Yoshi is famous for being part of the “J-Line” of the group, four out of twelve members who hail from Japan.

TREASURE’s Yoshi | @treasuremembers/Twitter

TREASURE’s J-Line consisting of Asahi (leftmost), Mashiho, Yoshi, and Haruto | @treasuremembers/Twitter

What not many fans may be aware of is the fact that he’s also part Korean. Yoshi is a fourth generation Korean-Japanese, something he explained in greater detail during an interview with 1thek. Since his grandmother is Korean, he has Korean blood as well.

I was born in Japan but I’m a fourth generation Korean-Japanese so my nationality is Korean.

— Yoshi



Yoshi understood that fans thought differently because he entered the entertainment industry as a Japanese trainee on the survival show YG TREASURE BOX.

In TREASURE BOX, I came out in the Japanese team so some think I’m Japanese. Some are mistaken.

— Yoshi

Regardless, Yoshi considers both Korea and Japan his hometowns and holds them closely to his heart.

But to me, both Japan and Korea are like parents. I love both very much.

— Yoshi

He further revealed that his Korean name is Kim Bangjeon and that when he was younger, he even entered Taekwondo competitions under this name.

In 2015, in 8th grade, [I] entered a Taekwondo competition with a Korean name and took third place.

— Yoshi

Yoshi Pre-Debut

Check out the full video below to learn more about Yoshi and the other TREASURE members.


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