TREASURE’s Yoshi Just Paid Tribute To BLACKPINK’s Lisa In New Title Track “JIKJIN”—Here’s How

TREASURE returned to the music scene with “JIKJIN” on February 15 and killed it in every way! The 12-member group from YG Entertainment had a fierce concept that showed off their charisma.


It was made even more special considering that several members were credited as lyricists including Hyunsuk, Haruto, and Yoshi for their rap parts.

They were able to write the lines that they would be proud to perform. Yoshi, for example, was happy to sprinkle in a BLACKPINK reference during his own part!



In particular, it was Lisa whom he paid homage to. He first mentioned this to fans a few days before the music video dropped.

I wanted to show YG fans something fun about rapping, so I paid tribute to Lisa sunbaenim 🙇🏻‍♂️

— Yoshi

| Weverse

Fans anticipated the comeback even more and excitedly waited for his part to come up. Of course, Yoshi didn’t disappoint!

Nan yeoneu gilchiwaneun dareum, ah
Heotdidiji anneun balgeoreum, ah
Imi jeongdabeun neo jeonghaejyeo
Eojjeol su eopjana, wassup!

— Yoshi in “JIKJIN”

It was the last line from his rap that was a reference to Lisa. The lyrics went, “Eojjeol su eopjana, wassup!” which translates to “I have no choice, wassup!”

This was part of Lisa’s rap from BLACKPINK’s 2019 song “How You Like That” from their first full-length album, The Album.

What’s more, they had almost the exact same time marks in their respective music videos as Yoshi’s “Eojjeol su eopjana, wassup!” started at 1:19 minutes while Lisa’s was at 1:17 minutes.

Yoshi’s a BLINK for sure!

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