Trident (2020)

Trident Drama Poster
Trident Drama Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Trident (三叉戟) San Cha Ji
Episodes: 45
Release Date: May 31, 2020
Film Location: Beijing, Tianjin
Summary: The drama is based on the novel of the same name by public security writer Lu Zheng. It tells the story of three veteran policemen who once dominated the police force. In the face of new crimes, they work together to come up with innovative detection methods and finally solve the financial crime group case.

Plot Synoposis:

Known at the “Trident”, Cui Tie Jun, Xu Guo Zhu and Pan Jiang Hai have all retreated to the second line of defence from their glory days. Suddenly, they come upon a complex money laundering scheme and must face off with an opponent from 20 years ago and other various forces seeking to take advantage.

Crime has found news means of hacking to obtain large sums of money. Financial scams do not hesitate to employ extreme means. In the face of new crimes, the Trident uses old school sleuthing techniques and other traditional methods. They work together to break the financial crime syndicate in one fell swoop. They are able to bring down the corrupt group and continue to write the glory of the “Trident”.

Cast & Characters:
Chen Jian Bin
Chen Jian Bin

Chen Jian Bin 陈建斌 as Cui Tie Jun 崔铁军
A “big back” who is good at investigation and reasoning.

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Dong Yong
Dong Yong

Dong Yong 董勇 as Xu Guo Zhu 徐国柱
A “big stick” who is good at catching and chasing.

Hao Ping
Hao Ping

Hao Ping 郝平 as Pan Jiang Hai 潘江海
A “big sprayer” who is good at interrogation and tracking information.

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Trident Drama Still 1
Trident Drama Still 1
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Chinese Drama Trident Still 3
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Trident Drama Still 4
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Trident Drama Still 5
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Start: May 31, 2020

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