Tweet By BTS Jungkook Included In Twitter’s Greatest Hits In 16 Years

Jeon Jungkook of BTS is one of the most famous artists in the world. The singer has many records and achievements that support his said status.

Recently, the reputed British daily “The Guardian” revealed a tweet by the K-Pop singer to be among the greatest ever tweets on the social media platform Twitter. The tweet includes a video where Jungkook can be heard covering the song Never Not by American singer Lauv. The tweet has received 3.1M likes, 1.5M Retweets, 274.5K Quotes, and 732K replies. According to the “List of Most Retweeted Tweets” on the online encyclopedia “Wikipedia”, Jungkook’s “Never Not” Tweet ranked as the #8 Most Retweeted Tweet of all time on Twitter.

Jungkook has a total of 6 tweets in the “List of Most Retweeted Tweets”, the first & only person in the world to achieve this milestone on Twitter. JK is also the only individual to have 7 tweets in the “Top 30 Most Liked Tweets” list. Twitter Korea had officially announced that the “Never Not” tweet by Jungkook was ranked 2nd in “World’s Most Retweeted Tweet” in 2020.

Fans often refer to the vocalist as the “Social Media King” and all the records that he holds, prove that they are not wrong. Jungkook’s hashtag on TikTok is the most used hashtag by an Individual in the world. Jungkook has ranked #1 on the world’s largest search engine Google as the most searched K-pop idol for 5 consecutive years. He has also consistently ranked as the Number one most-searched K-Pop idol on YouTube. In addition, he is also number one on social media platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr.

Jungkook is currently in news for his hit collab single with American singer Charlie Puth. The song, titled “Left and Right” continues to break records and has become one of the most successful K-Pop songs globally. Jungkook’s individual global popularity is only expected to grow as he makes his official debut as a soloist in the coming months.


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