TWICE Were Touched By A Heartwarming Fan Sign Dedicated To Jeongyeon

As TWICE complete the North American leg of their TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’, Jeongyeon has gained massive support from fans and even concern from Korean netizens. So, fans came up with such a caring way to cheer Jeongyeon on that even she couldn’t stop smiling.

Jeongyeon | @dubsdubu/Twitter

While the group prepared for their final speeches, the members couldn’t miss a sign held up by a group of fans that caught all of their attention. Momo and Jeongyeon were excited to point them out.

| @cyphersuh/Twitter

The sign they were pointing to was a row of fans who each held up a letter that spelled out the heartwarming message, “We love Jeongyeon.”


Fans spell out “We (heart) Jeongyeon” with letters. | @firstyearidol/Twitter

After seeing the thoughtful way ONCEs showed their love for her, Jeongyeon smiled the brightest smile. The members were just as appreciative of the supportive sign as well.

| @cyphersuh/Twitter

Seeing Jeongyeon reunite with the group and doing her best has fans appreciating her even more and making sure she can feel their love. Even the members have been taking care of Jeongyeon along the way.

Sana hugging Jeongyeon. | @dubsdubu/Twitter

Source: Twitter 1 and Twitter 2

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