TWICE’s Jihyo Spams Fans With Photos But ARMY-ONCEs Notice Something Unexpected

TWICE‘s Jihyo was especially active on Bubble (an app that allows idols to message fans) recently and gifted her fans with many beautiful photos.

She showed off a beautiful light pink dress.

Some absolutely adorable photos of the idol dressed in all black.

And more cute photos of her wearing a comfy-looking brown jacket.

But sharp-eyed fans were most focused on a set of photos Jihyo sent of her posing next to a statue that looks like a rabbit.

Although nothing initially jumps out about this picture aside from the idol’s stunning figure, great fashion sense, and adorable smile…

Fans decided to zoom in on the stickers decorating the statue she posed with.

Among the stickers stuck to the statue’s side is none other than BT21‘s Mang.

BT21’s Mang 

Mang is the character that BTS‘s J-Hope designed. Mang is a dancing pony who keeps his face hidden behind a mask. And his adorable design, like with all of BT21, has won him a lot of fans.

ARMY-ONCEs, fans of both BTS and TWICE, found the detail both exciting and amusing.

Some were hopeful that somehow this was enough evidence that BTS and TWICE would finally have the collaboration of the century.

Or that at least main dancers J-Hope and Momo might perform together.

Others joked that the pictures themselves were the collaboration, just between TWICE and BT21, not BTS.

Some fans were simply excited to get any crumbs of an interaction between TWICE and BTS.

And some fans even joked that this was proof that Mang was the true “it boy of all the K-Pop idols.”

While one fan was pretty honest in sharing what most people were probably thinking, that they would have never considered zooming in on the stickers.

As two of the largest fandoms, it’s no real surprise that fans were able to spot this small detail.

And fans have this now-iconic picture of Jihyo and Mang posing together although everyone would love an official collaboration between the two groups.

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