TXT And ENHYPEN Indirectly Address The Issue Of “Fan Wars” When Looking Back At Their Recent Collaboration

As much as K-Pop idols love to interact with each other, for some reason, fans still choose to believe that they don’t like each other or only see other groups as competition.

In reality, they couldn’t be more wrong, and two groups who have recently proved it is HYBE boy groups TXT and ENHYPEN!

TXT and ENHYPEN members | BE:LIFT

There is no denying that HYBE artists have always had an amazing relationship with each other, and the companies two youngest groups are no exception.

In particular, they gained attention after they all collaborated for a medley of iconic K-Pop songs in the 2021 KBS Song Festival‘s “Legend of K-Pop” segment. As expected, the two groups shone with renditions of H.O.T‘s “Candy,” BIGBANG‘s “BANG BANG BANG,” and their seniors BTS‘s “Fire.”



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After the success of the performance, HYBE released some behind-the-scenes clips from the rehearsals showing the two groups working together.

From the very moment they started working together, they pushed aside any ideas that they were competing against each other. In particular, ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon explained how nice it was to work together.

We compromised for each other, but the TXT members tried to adjust more to us, so it went even smoother.

— ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

Of course, there were concerns, especially as there would be 12 members on stage at one time. TXT’s Hueningkai even revealed that he was apprehensive ahead of the performance.

When we practiced with just us, it looked so empty. I was so worried that it won’t look great. But with all 12 members dancing, I was surprised by how amazing we looked.

— TXT’s Hueningkai

Throughout the video, the members of each group showcased how much it meant to work together, no matter who was older or more experienced. TXT’s leader Soobin explained that ENHYPEN made him want to work harder and Sunghoon explained how much they learned from each other

Yet, that didn’t stop the members from worrying. Beomgyu admitted that he initially had reservations about the performance as the two groups are very different, but all have the same dream.

It was only a few times, but we grew so close. I thought we would be competitive, but they came to us first. We were so comfortable with each other in the practice studio.

— Beomgyu

As the performance approached, ENHYPEN continued to show that despite TXT being the senior group, they had a good relationship with each other, which allowed them to be comfortable but also learn from each other…

Even the junior group wasn’t immune to Beomgyu’s playful personality.

In particular, towards the end of the documentary and before they showed the performances, all of the members had words that pushed aside any idea of rivalry and the idea that fans feud because they think one group deserves “more.”

Soobin perfectly described what it was like having the two groups together.

Rather than competing, I think the two teams became one and performed as one.

— TXT’s Soobin

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon also proved that the performance didn’t restrict any of the groups with their ability to showcase their skills. In particular, it also showcased the power and talent within the company.

Each team showed their own colors, but I think we really showed what HYBE is made of. I’m really happy with what we did. I just said it as a joke, ‘HB’ is HYBE BOYS.

— ENHYPEN’s Jungwon

When the video was released, both MOAs (TXT fans) and ENGENEs (ENHYPEN fans) praised the documentary for showcasing the idols in such positive ways.

Many believed that it was a shutdown for anyone who thought the collaboration was a competition or found ways to fight within the fandom. Instead of seeing it like that, the stage was a merger of two amazing groups who respect and love each other.

As expected, idol groups nowadays perfectly show that any idea of “fan wars” or rivalries shouldn’t be taken seriously. Although all groups have the same goal, it doesn’t mean everyone can achieve it, and one has to succeed at the expense of another. If all groups can work together and fans can appreciate it, it will only benefit everyone involved.

You can watch the whole video below.


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