TXT Soobin’s Sister Was Ready To Stop His Live, Here’s The Funny Reason Why

Like other TXT members, Soobin has a close bond with his siblings and caused one of the funniest moments during his live broadcast when his sister had something to say.


After sharing a small TMI about his family, Soobin wasn’t surprised when his sister sent him a message soon after. He shared it with viewers, “My sister sent me a message saying, ‘Stop talking about me.’

His sister heard what Soobin had said about their family genetics and shared it in their group chat. He said, “In the family chat room, ‘Soobin said he has thick thighs inherited from his family on live, [like] his sister.’


Soobin and Taehyun then laughed as they saw his siblings “trying to draw the line” by denying the family trait.


Soobin’s mother: He says his sister has strong thighs, not his brother.

Soobin’s sister: Not anymore.

Soobin’s brother: I don’t have thick thighs.

Since his sister didn’t want to be included in the funny family TMI, Soobin followed her wishes of not talking about it any longer.

My sister is watching this live in real time. She keeps sending me messages, asking me to stop talking. Okay.

— Soobin

That didn’t stop him from being a caring brother. Soobin noticed that she’d left work and wished his sister a good night. He added, “Go home, and take a rest.

Soobin’s relationship with his sister is just as hilarious and charming as you’d expect.

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