TXT’s Beomgyu Did not Need To Get Fired By Bang Si Hyuk, So He Blamed It All On Soobin

TXT took a much-needed break on Idol Human Theater and couldn’t resist making a humorous state of affairs. Beomgyu gave a hilarious message to Bang Si Hyuk that instantly made him blame all of it on Soobin.

Beomgyu and Soobin.

After they received an opportunity to vent about any issues that they had, Beomgyu went onto the balcony and screamed Bang Si Hyuk’s title.

As Yeonjun nodded alongside and clapped, Beomgyu requested the HYBE producer and founder to let the group take extra breaks and luxuriate in extra of the tasty meat he handled them to.

Give us some break time! And after going to that beef restaurant, I can’t eat some other beef. So, purchase it once more!

— Beomgyu

After listening to Beomgyu’s message for Bang Si Hyuk, the group’s workers members all advised him, “I feel we’ll all be fired.” Even Beomgyu jokingly mentioned, “Our workforce will ultimately be 4 members.

Taehyun and Hueningkai spoke for the remainder of the members when saying, “Si Hyuk-nim, it’s his sole opinion, not ours.” Beomgyu had an concept to get out of the sticky state of affairs he had created.

Leaving chief Soobin completely confused, Beomgyu put his fingers collectively in apology and mentioned, “To date, that is what Soobin hyung advised me to say.

Beomgyu made them snicker by getting on his knees. He completed by saying, “It’s not my opinion, PD-nim. I’m actually not a part of this in any respect.

When the present requested Beomgyu why he’d backtracked, he made everybody snicker together with his rationalization. He answered, “I simply had an intuition that if I talked extra, I wouldn’t be current throughout the subsequent TXT comeback.

Go away it to Beomgyu to trigger hilarious moments like this. With somebody as humorous as Beomgyu, there’s no method Bang Si Hyuk might be upset.

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