Uchi no Musume wa Kareshi ga Dekinai!! (2021) Cast & Summary

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Kanno Miho as Minase Aoi
A popular romance writer and single mother with a 20-year-old daughter Sora. She immediately blurts out what she thinks, and is a carefree, lively person. She has recently been trying hard to write a mystery novel too but her mind gets all confused and wanders … … She grew up in the town of Suzuran in a corner of Tokyo with the atmosphere of a traditional working-class neighbourhood, and now lives with Sora in a high-rise apartment building that she purchased near
her birthplace as proof of her success.

Hamabe Minami as Minase Sora
Minase Aoi’s daughter who is a university student. A hardcore manga fan who reads a range of genres including tough boys love and gory dark fantasy, she naturally checks out anime too. She is not popular with guys and unfriendly. While she seems cool and rational, she thinks that her innocent and naive mother is the one she has to protect.

Okada Kenshi as Irino Hikaru
Minase Sora’s university schoolmate. A cheerful, handsome, smart guy who is perfect in many ways. He is popular and has fun with an unspecified number of women, none of them are his heart’s desire. Although he is secretly in a relationship with an older woman, he thinks that true love is too much trouble. He is actually a “hidden 〇〇〇”. This matter leads to an incredible development in his relationship with Sora.

Kawakami Yohei as Tachibana Souseki
The capable editor in charge of Minase Aoi. He often gets put in charge of female writers because of he is very attractive. Contrary to his cool looks, he is passionate about his work and devotedly supports Aoi who is in a slump as a writer. At times, he absently says horrible things to her that is hurtful … …

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Arita Teppei as Editor Konishi
A editor in chief of a large publishing company. He is the person who discovered Minase Aoi and has been acquainted with her for a long time. He is a very ambitious man, acts obsequiously to those who are strong and treats his subordinates harshly although he is somehow hard to hate.

Sawamura Ikki as Gon-chan (Oda Gonji)
Minase Aoi’s childhood friend. He is the fourth-generation owner of Odaya, a shop that sells taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake stuffed with red bean) at Suzuran shopping street near Aoi’s house. He left on a long trip abroad but after he returned to Japan five years ago, he took over the shop and has been working together with his father Shunichiro. He is single just like Aoi and when they meet they will talk to each other about their worries about ageing. Their relationship was one without an ounce of the fluttering feeling of excitement but … …

Fukuhara Haruka as Ito Saori
Tachibana Souseki’s colleague and girlfriend. She tracks his movements like a stalker. She is very jealous of his relationship with Minase Aoi and frequently visits the Minases and Odaya in the neighbourhood … …

Kitagawa Eriko (Hanbun Aoi, Orange Days, Sora kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi)

Nagumo Seiichi, Uchida Hidemi

Theme Song
Sora to Ao by Irie Reo

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