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Unasked Family (2019)

Title: 꽃길만 걸어요 / Unasked Family
Also Known as: Walk the Flower Path / Down the Flower Path
Genre: Melodrama, Family, Romance
Episodes: 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2019-Oct-28 to 2020
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30


This drama is about a housewife who has gone through a stormy marriage and a man with an upbeat personality who also weathered a tough times try to “reset” their lives.


Main Cast

Choi Yoon So as Kang Yeo Won
Seol Jung Hwan as Bong Chun Dong
Jung Yoo Min as Hwang Soo Ji
Shim Ji Ho as Kim Ji Hoon

People around Yeo Won

Kim Kyu Chul as Kang Kyu Chul (Yeo Won’s father)
Kim Yi Kyung as Kang Yeo Joo (Yeo Won’s younger sister)
Lee Ah Ra (이아라) as Kang Bo Ram (Yeo Won’s daughter)

Chun Dong’s family

Lee Yoo Jin as Bong Sun Hwa (Chun Dong’s younger sister)

Yeo Won’s in-laws

Yang Hee Kyung as Wang Kkot Nam (Yeo Won’s mother-in-law)
Jung So Young as Nam Ji Young (Yeo Won’s sister-in-law, Dong Woo’s older sister)
Jo Hee Bong as Nam Il Nam (Yeo Won’s brother-in-law, Dong Woo’s older brother)
Na In Woo (나인우) as Nam Yi Nam (Yeo Won’s brother-in-law, Dong Woo’s younger brother)
Ryu Dam as Jang Sang Moon (Ji Young’s husband)
Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈) as Jang Young Jae (Ji Young & Sang Moon’s son)

Soo Ji’s family

Sun Woo Jae Duk as Hwang Byung Rae (Soo Ji’s father)
Kim Kyung Sook as Koo Yoon Kyung (Soo Ji’s mother)


Im Ji Kyu as Nam Dong Woo (Yeo Won’s husband)
Jung Han Yong as Bong Young Kyu

Production Credits

Production Company: KBS Drama Production
Director: Park Ki Hyun
Screenwriters: Chae Hye Young, Na Seung Hyun, Yoo Sang Young

Download Unasked Family EngSub :

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      + Unasked Family 2

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      + Unasked Family 4

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      + Unasked Family 7

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      + Unasked Family 10

      + Unasked Family 11

      + Unasked Family 12

      + Unasked Family 13

      + Unasked Family 14

      + Unasked Family 15

      + Unasked Family 16

      + Unasked Family 17

      + Unasked Family 18

      + Unasked Family 19

      + Unasked Family 20

      + Unasked Family 21

      + Unasked Family 22

      + Unasked Family 23

      + Unasked Family 24

      + Unasked Family 25

      + Unasked Family 26

      + Unasked Family 27

      + Unasked Family 28

      + Unasked Family 29

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