Universal Crypto World AMA Session with Xto8 – From Unknown To Infinity

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Guest Cryptesh: CEO at Xto8

Guest EnginerdYK: COO at Xto8

Malaika Ashraf: Interview Hoster at Universal Crypto World.


Introduction To Xto8

About Xto8- What is the single biggest impediment for a simple or an extraordinary idea to turn into reality? There is not one, but many. The right team, skillset, money to name a few. And while there is no dearth of any of this in the connected world, what we were missing is a systematic iTeta (Idea To Execution Tools Aggregator) which helps anyone with a cool idea to see it reach its fruition.

Not anymore. With launch of Xto8, we strive to bridge this gap forever. Starting from mentoring, team building, finding co-founders, developers, designer, marketing, fund-raising – Xto8 is at the center of all actions. From an unknown concept to infinite possibilities, Xto8 is where the idea revolution begins.

Basically it’s a social platform where people discuss various ideas from any field and work together to make it a real product or a service. World is a smaller place but all we have seen is people still not connected for making a difference for a true entrepreneurial revolution. We strive to fill that gap.

Host: 1.Where do you get the name of the project? What does it mean to you, Why did you choose this name for your project?

Cryptesh: The name of the project is based on something every engineer have dealt with – the Calculus. The limit of x tends to Infinity. That equation has always intrigued me and when I was working on the name, I found it to be a perfect fit. The platform gives opportunity to an idea to reach its potential via help of the community. So you help something unknown to help reach its infinite potential. And hence from x to Infinity. The 8, if flipped by 90 degrees, represents infinity.

Host: 2.Can you tell about your team members? Are they qualified in their fields? What do you want to achieve in the future?

EnginerdYK: Cryptesh has a very technical background as well as financial, so this is a natural fit for him. Myself, I am in the commercial nuclear industry and have managed very large R&D projects, and have spent a number of years in the crypto space. We are also in the process of developing our organization and have high standards for our team. We also have the support of a number of contributors from our community and partners.

Having been in R&D, I’m familiar with the need to have a good collaboration tool where anyone can share an idea, and with the community of colleagues in the workplace, develop that idea into reality. There are structured processes that can facilitate idea development and actionable planning, and we are embedding that (and more) into a software platform. I’ve had personal experience with other innovation platforms, and although Xto8 is oriented in crypto, we plan on marketing the platform as both a “launchpad” and an enterprise solution for large corporations.

Host: 3.Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far and upcoming partnerships?

EnginerdYK: One of our primary partners is Apex / OmniaVerse, who have launched a Layer 1 blockchain with ZERO gas fees. We launched on the Apex chain about a month ago and so will continue to have a very close relationship and collaboration with them. It is secure, reliable, and has only high quality projects. It also has it’s own web3 game/metaverse platform with game agnostic NFTs and in-house developed games.

We also have relationships with Sphynx, which is an All-in-One crypto solution offering an app/DApp, swapping (with stop loss/limit features), staking pools, NFT pools, presales, all kinds of things…it’s a really powerful tool and will be a formidable force when the market stops being difficult.

As mentioned, we are looking to continue pushing the Xto8 platform not only for the use of Apex chain, but for any blockchain, and any idea. When we have polished the platform sufficiently, we will begin to approach synergistic partnerships who can support our goal of enterprise application.

We are also in the process of evaluating a number of high-quality marketing firms to support us in that area. And naturally, as we grow, we will have the need for additional strategic and infrastructure related partnerships.

Host: 4. What is your top priority for 2022? Can you and your team members share a bit about the strategy that will implement in the near future? What makes the team feel confident?

Cryptesh: Our top priority for immediate future is to come up with Minimum Viable Product and then a beta platform for people to start getting feel of how the platform works and collecting feedback to make it better in terms of engagement, improved collaboration and effective medium for sharing and working on ideas. Since it’s a first of its kind with no exact precedent on which we can take inspiration from, the community will play key role in making this a platform of choice for innovation with no boundaries.

Also, we want to start collaborating with real center of innovations — educational institutions. We are already in talks with colleges in few countries for hackathons which will use Xto8 platform for submitting and progressing on ideas.

Lastly, sending out the message about how important this platform is for imparting an innovation culture through right kind of marketing. Getting the words out through string of AMAs which started with you guys and continuing to answer all questions.

We trust that the thing we are building is going to help everyone with an idea but no clear guidance to get all of it from our platform and that gives us confidence that we will win — we are making something in a space where it’s required but is non-existent. (we are first movers)


1.Do you have a AUDIT certificates? or are you working to  AUDIT your  project, so that the security  of the project becomes more secure and  reliable?

EnginerdYK: Yes, audits are available on website.

2.When and where can I buy your

$xto8 tokens ?

EnginerdYK: $INFINITY Tokens can be purchased at Sphynx on the Apex chain.

3.Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

EnginerdYK: Our team consists of members from around the world. I am in the United States, and Cryptesh in India.

4.What is the role of token in the ecosystem? Where can users currently buy it, and what would be its use?

EnginerdYK: $INFINITY is a utility token used in the Xto8 platform. For more details, visit our Telegram and website (given above).

Guys Visit Our Website and Stay Tuned.


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