Unlock Your September 2023 Entertainment with tvN Asia Must-Watch Lineup

This September 2023, tvN Asia is rolling out a diverse lineup of shows, ranging from Kdrama like “Diary of a Prosecutor” to variety shows like “Brotherhood Expedition: Maya.” With genres spanning drama, crime, and reality TV, there’s something for everyone. Mark your calendars and prepare for a season of compelling, high-quality entertainment.

tvN Asia Must-Watch Kdrama and Variety Shows September 2023

New Kdrama on tvN Asia

Diary of a Prosecutor

Premiere: September 28
On Air: Every Thu & Fri 21:15 (GMT+8)
Total: 16 ep; FINALE: November 17
Genre: Drama
Cast: Lee Sun-kyun, Jung Ryeo-won, Lee Sung-jae, Kim Kwang-kyu, Lee Sang-hee, Jeon Sung-woo

Diary of a Prosecutor main poster | TvN Asia
Diary of a Prosecutor main poster | TvN Asia

The series “Diary of a Prosecutor” provides a glimpse into the daily life of prosecutors who also function as regular office employees.

Lee Sun-Woong (Lee Sun-Kyun) serves as a district prosecutor in Jinyoung. He comes across as laid-back and seemingly lacks ambition for career advancement.

In contrast, Cha Myung-Joo (Jung Ryeo-Won) is a high-achieving prosecutor on an accelerated career path at the Central District Prosecutor’s Office in Seoul. Unexpectedly, she finds herself reassigned to the district public prosecutor’s office in Jinyoung.

Ongoing Kdrama on tvN Asia – FINALE this September 2023

Cold Blooded Intern

Premiere: August 12
On Air: Every Fri 21:15 (GMT+8), 2eps back-to-back
Total: 12 ep; FINALE: September 16
Genre: Drama
Cast: Ra Mi-ran, Uhm Ji-won


Once excelling as a merchandiser and even earning the title of best in her field, Go Hae-Ra (Ra Mi-Ran) took a career hiatus to focus on motherhood. For the past seven years, she dedicated herself entirely to raising her child. Now eager to re-enter the workforce, Go Hae-Ra faces the challenge of securing a job. Her search brings her to Market House, where she interviews for an entry-level role and crosses paths with Choi Ji-Won (Uhm Ji-Won), the director of the product planning team. The two women had previously been colleagues at another organization. A charismatic and strong leader, Choi Ji-Won wields significant influence at Market House and is unafraid to use any tactics necessary to maintain her position. Recognizing Go Hae-Ra’s potential, Choi Ji-Won offers her an internship on her team, but accompanies the offer with a proposal that is both tempting and unsettling.



Premiere: August 1
On Air: Every Tue & Wed 21:15 (GMT+8)
Total: 16 ep; FINALE: September 20
Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller
Cast: Lee Jun-ho, Shin Hyun-been, Yoo Jae-myung, Nam Gi-ae


In a legal case shrouded in the mysteries surrounding the double jeopardy law, Choi Do-Hyun (Lee Joon-Ho) grapples with a complex past. As a child, he battled a life-threatening heart condition that confined him to hospital beds for much of his youth. Miraculously, he was given a second chance at life through a successful heart transplant. However, shortly after the operation, his father was charged with murder and sentenced to death.

Determined to delve into the case and uncover the truth about his father’s conviction, Choi Do-Hyun has since pursued a career in law.

Something in the Rain

Premiere: August 3
On Air: Every Thu & Fri 21:00 (GMT+8)
Total: 16 ep; FINALE: September 22
Genre: Drama, Romance
Cast: Son Ye-jin, Jung Hae-in, Jang So-yeon


In her 30s, Yoon Jin-A (Son Ye-Jin) serves as a coffee enterprise supervisor. While she carries a laid-back demeanor, she grapples with an inner emptiness. She finds her perspective shifting when Seo Joon-Hee (Jung Hae-In), returns to South Korea after completing work overseas. Joon-Hee is the younger brother of her closest friend, Seo Kyung-Sun. Though Yoon Jin-A had previously dismissed him as immature, his return reveals facets of his character that she hadn’t noticed before.

New Variety Shows on tvN Asia September 2023

Street Women Fighter 2

Premiere: September 1
On Air: Every Fri 22:30 (GMT+8)
Total: 11 ep (TBC)
Genre: Variety, Reality Show
Cast: Kang Daniel, Shownu, Monika


Known in Korean as 스트릿 우먼 파이터 2, “Street Woman Fighter 2” is the third installment in South Korea’s popular dance competition series. The show features eight all-female dance teams vying for the title of Korea’s top women’s dance crew, with the aim of becoming the face of street dance across the nation—often promoted under the banner of “K-dance.”

Walking Through The Village

Premiere: September 13
On Air: Every Sun 18:35 (GMT+8)
Total: 10 ep; FINALE: November 5
Genre: Travel, Reality Show
Cast: Gu Bon-seung


Actor Gu Bon-seung explores the warmth and simplicity of village life along the river, showcasing how new experiences become lasting memories.

Ongoing Variety Shows on tvN ASia September 2023

Brotherhood Expedition: Maya

Premiere: August 9
On Air: Every Wed 22:30 (GMT+8)
Total: 10 ep; FINALE: October 11
Genre: Variety, Reality Show
Cast: Cha Seung-won, Kim Sung-kyun, THE BOYZ Juyeon


In a remote jungle, the enigmatic Maya Civilization once flourished before mysteriously disappearing. Now, a trio of explorers embarks on a journey to uncover its secrets.

Leading the team is Cha Seung-won, transformed into a civilization aficionado known as Dr. Cha. He is joined by Kim Sung-kyun, a newcomer to both the field of ancient civilizations and to reality TV, as well as Ju-yeon, a global music icon who has reinvented himself as a jack-of-all-trades problem solver. Together, they form the team “Mayaz,” venturing into the heart of Mexico’s bygone Maya empire.

To unravel the mysteries hidden within this ancient world, they engage with the culture—sampling local foods, participating in authentic Maya ceremonies, and diving deep into its ancient traditions. Their goal? To locate the nine elusive keys that will unlock the enigmas of the Maya, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Embark on a grounded journey through time and space as you follow their quest to decode the enthralling ancient city of Maya.

Express Delivery: Mongolia Edition

Premiere: August 24
On Air: Every Thu 22:30 (GMT+8)
Total: 10 ep; FINALE: October 26
Genre: Variety, Reality Show
Cast: Kim Jong-kook, Hong Kyung-min, Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae-hyun, Hong Kyung-in, Kang Hoon


“Let’s deliver parcels while riding horses!” The “Dragon Zodiac Club” members become delivery men in Mongolia, globe-trotting to deliver parcels from the world only to keep their word!

“Express Delivery: Mongolia Edition” is a one-of-a-kind show focused on parcel delivery in Mongolia, a nation where reliable delivery systems are scarce. The program’s innovative premise distinguishes it from other shows, while its international setting lends an additional layer of adventure and thrill.

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