Update on SEVENTEEN S.Coups Left Knee Medical Treatment and Recovery

PLEDIS Entertainment has recently provided an update regarding the knee injury medical treatment of the leader and main rapper of SEVENTEEN, S.Coups.

[UPDATED] SEVENTEEN S.Coups Underwent Surgery for His Left Knee

Initial Incident and Immediate Response

PLEDIS Entertainment, representing the renowned Kpop group SEVENTEEN, previously reported a concerning incident involving one of its leader and main rapper, S.Coups. On August 10, during a content filming session, S.Coups suffered an injury to his left knee. Detailed medical assessments revealed a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Following the recommendations of health professionals, he was promptly provided with essential pre-surgery treatments.

“On August 10, S.Coups sustained an injury to his left knee as he was landing while playing a ball game for content filming. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he underwent a comprehensive medical examination including an MRI scan. During the examination, a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) was identified in the left knee.” PLEDIS Entertainment

Successful Surgical Procedure and Immediate Aftercare

Building on the initial information, PLEDIS Entertainment confirmed that S.Coups underwent a decisive surgical procedure on August 21, targeting not only his ACL but also the anterolateral ligament. Fans and well-wishers would be relieved to know that the surgery was a success. Demonstrating his resilience and the effectiveness of the medical intervention, S.Coups was discharged from the hospital by the morning of August 24. He is now focused on diligent rest and recovery.

Road to Recovery and Future Activities

Following the surgery, an uninterrupted recovery is paramount. According to the medical guidelines, S.Coups will utilize aids like crutches, a leg brace, and even a wheelchair in the immediate future. His rehabilitation also encompasses an intensive physical therapy routine.

The agency is optimistic about S.Coups’ eventual reintegration into SEVENTEEN schedules. Once the medical team confirms the successful healing of the surgical area, they anticipate his active participation in the latter part of their plans. However, they emphasize a flexible approach, always prioritizing the artist’s health.


Throughout this period, PLEDIS Entertainment remains steadfast in its commitment to S.Coups’ well-being and expresses sincere gratitude to fans worldwide for their unwavering support and understanding.


Here’s the full letter from PLEDIS Entertainment

Hello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to update you on the progression of the medical treatment for SEVENTEEN member S.Coups.

On August 10, S.Coups sustained a tear to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the left knee during a content shoot. After receiving necessary pre-surgery medical treatment as recommended by the medical staff, he underwent surgery to restore his ACL and anterolateral ligament on Monday the 21.

The surgery was a success and S.Coups was discharged from the hospital on Thursday morning the 24 and has been resting since.

S.Coups will be focusing solely on recovery and rehabilitation for the foreseeable future per recommendation from the medical team. To expedite his recovery, S.Coups will be wearing a leg brace and using crutches and a wheelchair. Once the surgical site is healed, he will undergo physical therapy so that he can return in full health to his fans.

Once the medical team confirms the stable recovery of the surgical area, S.Coups plans to participate in the second-half schedule with flexibility and within reasonable limits. We ask for your kind understanding.

We will do our best to support S.Coups in recovering his health, placing his recovery as the top most priority.

Thank you.

We wish you a speedy recovery! In the meantime, if you miss S.Coups, let’s watch his vlog:

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