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What is Vault Of Glass Destiny 2?

Vault of Glass is a Raid on Venus that takes place in the same-named Vex structure. It was released in Destiny on September 16, 2014, and is one of the game’s four Raids. On May 22, 2021, a reimagined version of the Raid was launched in Destiny 2. The Vault is said to be the most difficult experience ever produced, with players earning Destiny’s ultimate rewards if they complete it. It’ll take hours and hours to accomplish the raid. The Vault of Glass contains a variety of difficult puzzles, unusual foes, and boss encounters, as well as a number of traps that can quickly kill the entire party if not executed correctly.


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Vault Of Glass Destiny 2 Guide

The Vault of Glass is back in Destiny 2, although this time it’s a little different. This Vault of Glass raid guide is a great resource for anyone looking for the best plan for accomplishing this legendary raid. This raid will put you and your Fireteam to the test, and those who finish it will reap significant rewards. The majority of the encounter remains the same for those who played the original Vault of Glass in Destiny 1, albeit there are a few minor differences.

Vault Of Glass Destiny 2 Location

The Vault of Glass takes place on Venus, which is currently only accessible via the Director’s new Legends node. The raid has a recommended Power of 1300, which, given Destiny 2’s new liberal Power system, shouldn’t be too tough to achieve.

Vault Of Glass Destiny 2 Map

These maps are intended to aid in your understanding of the layout of each of the Vault of Glass’ key fighting locations, as well as optimum fireteam formations and opponent movement.




Vault Of Glass Destiny 2 Weapons

The raid weapons from the Vault of Glass are some of the most powerful in Destiny 2, making them ideal for new or returning players looking to improve their armoury. Since these weapons were first published in Destiny 2, a number of modifications have occurred, and various improvements to weapons have made them even more powerful in Season of the Lost. Players can gain seven weapons, each with its own set of benefits. The Sniper Rifle, Scout Rifle, Hand Cannon, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, and Exotic Fusion Rifle are all available in the Vault of Glass raid. The Exotic Fusion Rifle Vex Mythoclast can only be obtained by beating the final boss, Atheon.


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