Venom Admits a Stunning Marvel Avenger is His Favourite Human Host

Venom is an overpowered symbiote when bonded to a daily human, however one Avenger-level superhero gave him an arsenal he’ll always remember.

Venom could also be recognized for his gruff exterior, however the Marvel icon did as soon as admit that out of all of the mighty warriors bonded with prior to now, it’s Captain Marvel Carol Danvers who claims the highest spot, as his favourite superhuman host to affix in battle.

After serving alongside different criminals in Osborn’s Thunderbolts, Venom was promoted to the Avengers roster… with former Scorpion Mac Gargan utilizing the symbiote’s powers to masquerade as Spider-Man. Naturally, the true Spider-Man and Venom would finally confront one another in Broxton, Oklahoma throughout the occasions of Siege. When their battle was interrupted by the intervention of Carol Danvers, the symbiote noticed a possibility to bond with a brand new host, gleefully having fun with Carol’s power, flight, and her potential to discharge and take in power as the brand new Venom.


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In Siege: Spider-Man # 1 by Brian Reed and Marco Santucci, their banter and battle leaves the floating metropolis of Asgard and falls into the city of Broxton. When Ms. Marvel intervenes, Carol will get a fast lesson about symbiotes from Peter and devises a fast answer to the ugly creature by eradicating Gargan utterly from the symbiote. Though it looks like a easy but genius decision, the victory turns to horror because the symbiote instantly forces itself onto Carol and provides delivery to a brand new Venom full with entry to Carol’s reminiscences and powers to which Venom proclaims, “Ms. Marvel is now my favourite superhero!”

The alien anti-hero has been vocal over time relating to the Venom symbiote’s love for its hosts which might additionally embrace Ben Reilly, Flash Thompson, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and others earlier than returning to Eddie Brock. Ms. Marvel herself would finally transition to turning into Captain Marvel which might see her rejoin the Avengers, handle S.W.O.R.D for a time, and even turn into the Supreme Accuser within the united Kree/Skrull empire. However lengthy earlier than then, and with a head that remembers Carol’s time as Binary, Venom was overjoyed at Carol’s Kree-given powers (which could possibly be used towards Spider-Man). It additionally created a battle of curiosity for Spider-Man as its entry to Carol’s reminiscence permits the symbiote to play with Peter’s feelings, involved that their combat may injure his buddy and teammate who might probably have emotions for him.

When he isn’t capable of get entry to fireplace or sound, Peter is ready use electrical energy to offer Carol with sufficient power to completely sever its reference to Venom and free herself. Though Venom returns to Gargan with out even an apology, Carol may then perceive Spider-Man’s long-time enmity with the villain. Though Captain Marvel wasn’t essentially the most highly effective host who had ever bonded with the notorious symbiote, Venom may positively take into account Carol as of his favorites, one thing Spider-Man would level out isn’t a lot of a praise.

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